What Are The Next Wave of Digital Marketing Trends Coming in For 2019


With the amount of people going online growing faster than ever before it’s essential to always be one step ahead of the next digital marketing trend. Every marker has to watch out for what’s new to stay ahead of their game when it comes to the latest digital marketing trends. In order to execute an effective digital marketing campaign knowing what’s coming up next will undoubtedly help your campaign be a success.

What Are The Next Wave of Digital Marketing Trends Coming in For 2019

It’s also a really good idea to regularly complete a digital marketing course as there are always new trends emerging with every aspect of digital marketing. Understanding the latest digital marketing trends will help you strategise more effectively and plan ahead.


The Protection of Personal Information Act has raised concerns recently about the sharing of data to protect privacy, therefore now more than ever, marketers are obliged to take the factors of this law into account when embarking on a digital marketing campaign.Obtaining stricter data sharing consent will definitely be more important for organisations to comply with during 2019.

Mobile expansion

Nowadays mobile use for online interactions account for just over half of the internet users preferred connection device, and the number continues to grow. Along with the growth in the number of online mobile users the quality and performance of accessing a website via a mobile device has also improved a lot. While websites are performing well, it’s social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is where most of the online mobile users are spending most of their time. Mobile advertising and apps are definite online marketing trends that are set to grow during 2019.

Featured snippets

This is a growing trend where search engines are providing an instant answer to a search query above the organic results page. This is becoming more popular with marketers during 2019 due to its prominent display location.

Data sharing policies

IT security has always been a concern, especially for big corporations, so there is no doubt that ensuring security of data will continue to grow during 2019. It’s already on the cards that the big social media sites like Facebook, will introduce even more stringent data security protection.

On-SERP (search engine results page) SEO

As featured snippets are set to increase during 2019 so too are the number of non-click through searches. To counter this, digital marketing experts will have to expand their SEO strategies in 2019. Marketers who are quick to see the advantages of on-serp SEO will undoubtedly see an increase in their website traffic.

Video ads

Video ad spend is set to sky rocket during 2019 and will win a growing share of the digital marketing spend. Smartphones account mostly for this growing trend and as more and more people are using their mobile device to access the internet you can bet video ads will be on the list of digital marketing trends.

Personalised video ads

While corporate video ads are increasing online, so too are the more personalised brand awareness ads. With technology becoming more accessible, a small business is now in the running when it comes to posting personalised ads on the web. This is a hot trend for 2019 and is set to become even more prevalent in 2019.

Improved customer relationships

Although this has always been an important part of digital marketing the need for brands to ‘own’ their customer relationship building is on the increase. 2019 will prove that it’s not only about gaining more website traffic and a higher conversion rate, it’s just as important to constantly improve customer relations online.

Voice search engine capability

With the increase in voice activated smart devices, which offers users a variety of options to use voice search on search engines, access content and interact with all types of media, this new device trend will no doubt continue during 2019.

Online influencers

With the constant need to stay ahead in the sphere of digital marketing, many brands are turning towards the use of brand influencers to market their products and services. Influencer marketing is an authentic, sure-fire way to build brand trust and delivers fast results.

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