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Essentially there are 2 main factors that you have to take into account if you are developing an app, irrespective of the platform (Android or iOS). These are user interface and user experience. And in the event, the app that you develop fails to sail through among your clients; these two may be the main reasons of its failure.

Aside from that understanding the mindset of the target audience and the market you want to sell your app in are equally important. However, as Android news experts are of the opinion that quality cannot be substituted by looks and layout but to a great extent, the user interface plays an instrumental role too. In other words, the ones that swear by looks (of apps interface) will invariably become prospective clients if the looks of the app (UI) are appealing.

What it takes to make an excellent mobile app

What it takes to make an excellent mobile app?

In order that the app you develop for Android or iOS mobiles, is able to entice the target audience, you are required to incorporate in optimum limits few elements. More about these individual elements has been written and explained below in the paragraphs-

  1. Graphics

It goes without saying that graphics do play an important role. However, unlike the attitude of most of the mobile app developers that there is a standard format for all is an absolutely wrong approach. In order that your app is appealing and most importantly user friendly, it is best to incorporate graphics that will suit the individual mobile devices. This will also enhance the user experience.

  1. Compatibility with devices

When you are developing an app for mobile devices, make sure that the UI is designed in such a way that it is useful for multiple devices and also compatible with different operating systems.

  1. Restate UI design

The best approach when you are developing an app is to restate the interface design in such a manner so that the interface is interactive. Not only that the user interface should also be able to tie down the visitors for a longer duration.

  1. Image format

Regardless of whether it is an Android phone or iPhone you are developing your app for, incorporate the image formats so that the loading time is less and also the devices don’t hang while loading. For Android phones, you can use formats like GIF, PNG, and JPEG.

  1. Simplicity counts

Here simple does not necessarily mean that you have to deprive your app from being colorful and appealing. By simple, it means that even for a first time user, the app should be easy to use without having to go through detailed manuals and tutorials. In other words, an individual that hasn’t used an app before will be able to use it in a hassle free manner and will also not find it complicated as far as the functionalities are concerned.

Aside from the above, few of the equally important aspects of mobile app development factors include-

  • Visual contrast
  • Fonts
  • Abide by platform rules
  • Seek suggestions from real users
  • Adhere to rules of UI design
  • Incorporate back button judiciously

If you cannot afford to wait till the time the mobile app development is done, for the time being, you can try out these Android app meant for SEO and these are also free. They are-

  • SEO and Link Analyzer
  • SEO Keyword Tool (for Google)
  • Sinium SEO Tools
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube Creator Studio
  • Google Analytics
  • SERP Mojo Rank Tracker

The ones that have been mentioned above are just few of them. There are various other Android apps that you can use for your SEO analysis and for working out SEO strategies in accordance to your business needs.

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