Top 3 Services Receive SMS for Craigslist Creation with Virtual Numbers


Craigslist is a popular platform for placing various kinds of advertisements. Just like all the other platforms it requires passing authentication by the phone number while registration. In case you need to register lots of accounts for successful business leading or do not want to share your real number for individual usage, you can turn to a virtual directory company.

Top 3 Services Receive SMS for Craigslist Creation with Virtual Numbers

Such companies provide online numbers. You do not even need to use a smartphone to receive verification codes on such directories. All you need is to:

  • have access to the Internet;
  • be registered on the online SIM’s website;
  • replenish your balance.

If all these three conditions are observed, you can receive SMS on virtual online numbers and register as many accounts on Craigslist as you want. However, another important thing is to choose a reputable online SIM company.

A reputable virtual number provider will probably be paid. Free services do not have many directory and country options to choose from. The connection is not stable and authentication codes do not always come in. This is not a huge problem, but you will spend more time and nerves re-registering again.

A reliable company will have different options to choose from, like directories for one-time usage and for long-term period usage. Check the tariffs and choose the one that meets your needs best. They should have free trials.

Authentication codes will come in quickly without delays. In case anything goes wrong, a reputable company will offer you a refund at any time as its customer support should be available around the clock.

Craigslist Account Creation and Authentication with Virtual Numbers: 3 Top Services

Registering at Craigslist will not take much time. Verification codes can be copied from the virtual SIM service right into the Craigslist’s corresponding field.
If you need a virtual SIM for sms, here are the 3 top services for these needs listed below.


OnlineSIM allows receiving verification codes online without a smartphone. It owns the excess of 10000 numbers from more than 30 countries and multiple operators. This is a safe and not expensive service. All questions can be answered around the clock by the client support team.


This is a safe company with acceptable prices. It features global coverage. You can choose from two payment modes.


This provider has a bit higher prices, but it also has global coverage. You can choose from Prepaid and Invoice payment modes. It gives you 25 free messages as a trial.

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