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About SEO

If you have a website, no matter what you use it for, your initial goal is to gain views and visits. The more visits, the more interest will grow about what you have to offer, whether that be an informative blog, an e-commerce store or any mix of these two.  However, this is not that easy to achieve these days. No matter how genuine your website looks, or how unique the content or the products you have to offer, you need that extra push in order to help people find your website. If you are using the Wix website builder to create your site, then you can easily get a jump on SEO with their amazing tool, the Wix SEO Wiz.

Optimizing your webpage which enables your site to pop up in all the more targeted searches, possibly on the first page of search results. (Just a bit of information: if your website does not come up on the first page, you may as well forget about views, as almost 90% of people will not search past the first page of results)

SEO Tools

Website builders created an incredible opportunity for people without any programming background to get started with web development. However, creating a website is only the first step, you also need to learn SEO and figure out how to rank your site. The programmers and expert SEO experts at Wix realized that its more effective to offer an all-ready SEO tool, which you can simply get started with when you are creating your website. Boosting the SEO on a page can increase popularity and the number of views, sometimes by simply pointing at the characteristics of a website or web content which needs to be changed or updated for the site to get a better chance to gain more visibility. This is exactly what Wix SEO Wiz is all about. You don’t need to be an HTML expert and you don’t need any coding credentials either. All you need is simply to subscribe, get to the tool and it will point out all the faults which need to be corrected on your page. Let’s take a look at some of the steps…

Getting started

To begin, the Wix SEO Wiz tool asks you the following questions, which will help guide you towards your SEO goals and with Google’s indexing process – indexing is at the core of your visibility on the internet

  1. Setup your keywords

This simply means the following: if you wanted to find your own website the fastest way possible, how would you search it? What are the words you would type in the search bar? This is just so easy. And on top of it all you will get the chance to enter various keyword combinations too. Wix will then help you implement these on Google

  1. Setup a personalized plan for your website with Wix SEO Wiz

You will get a checklist with some of the most important SEO related features a website should have. On top of it all, it will self-analyze your website, so you will instantly be able to see what you would need to correct. The following are some of the most important points within the checklist:

  • Homepage SEO title
  • Homepage content
  • Compatibility with all the smart devices
  • Add text hyperlinks
  • Homepage social links are up-to-date

When something is off or seems not right you will clearly see a red alert next to it. On top of that, you will get very detailed guidelines on how to correct any of the points and how to update your website or webpage data.

All this has been setup specifically for people who are not coding experts and who do not comprehend coding phrases and expressions. This is why I find this an extremely useful tool and I am pretty sure that it will soon be used by thousands of bloggers and website or e-commerce business owners.

Additional features:

WIX SEO Wiz also helps you with the following:

  • Showing your statistics: there are tons of statistics that can serve a SEO analyst but a good programmer knows that most of those stats cannot be used by people who don’t have enough experience to know their meaning. This is why you are only shown the key basics, numbers which really do count. This includes the number of views, the number of clicks and the number of indexes by Google.
  • Keyword analyzing tool: this feature is really worth gold because getting the keywords right is the key to your correct way of visibility. WIX SEO Wiz will instantly let you know how the combinations setups by you fare and how you should change them to get more exposure on Google.
  • Google indexing options
  • Additional SEO resources and learning materials: if you know your SEO nothing can stop your website to become extremely popular.

Getting started with the Wix SEO Wiz is extremely easy. You can login using your FB or G+ account or simply setup a separate account. I definitely suggest trying this tool.

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