How Does Visual Visitors Help you Turn Your Website into Sales Leads


The most significant percentage of your website visitors does not identify themselves. This is one of the reasons why it gets hard for businesses to improve their customer services and offer visitors precisely what they need. However, technology is continually advancing, and with the advancements, there have been a lot of tools developed to make things easier for online businesses. You can now track or identify your visitors as they go through your website. This allows you to identify their preferences and know exactly what they are looking for in the site.

How Does Visual Visitors Help you Turn Your Website into Sales Leads

Visual Visitors is an impressive tool and can help you turn your website into sales leads. If you are still skeptical about this, here are ways in which visitor identification can help you increase leads.

Cold calling

One of the essential aspects to note about Visual Visitor is the ability to get the users contacts. It not only helps you get the visitor’s identities but also their contacts and emails. Cold calling and emails are a standard sales tool, and one of the easiest ways to convince your targets to try your products. It is easy. Take an example of a situation where you make 20 cold calls or end ten emails. The chances are that out of those messages and emails that were received; five will be opened. Even those who fail to respond will quietly visit your site and view the services you offer.

Visual visitors allow you to identify those anonymous visitors. You will be able to see who is reaching out and therefore make more efforts to convince them. Without knowing who received your messages and how many failed to open or react to them can significantly help you improve your marketing efforts. You can easily find out where you are going wrong or if there are any improvements that you need to make on the site. This gives you a chance to improve your website and turn it to sales leads.


Marketing and getting people to buy your products is getting complex each day. With lots of strategies such as email, PPC, social media, and SEO, you will be driving people to evaluate your products. However, the main issue comes in determining if you are attracting the right audience. You could have thousands of site visitors every week, but only a small percentage of them need your products. Visual Visitors allows you to understand the visitors evaluating your products and their behavior towards them.

You will also be in a better position to know which one among the marketing strategies is bringing the most website visits and conversions. This will, in return, help you come up with the most effective marketing plan and make a massive difference in your marketing bottom line. You will also have achieved more leads that convert easily.

These are the two main ways in which using Visual Visitor to track and identify your site visitors can help you convert your website to sales leads. Make good use of the software and watch your sales increase drastically in no time.

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