How to Brand Your Blog


Do you need to brand your blog? The answer is yes if you want to make an impact; but why is branding so important, and how can you implement it?

The reason brands exist is to help people identify with what a business or organization provides and your blog is no different. As such, if you want to become a successful blogger (whether success means making money from your website or simply engaging your readers), then you need to brand your blog as if it were your business.

The prospect of marketing your blog can be daunting, particularly if you don’t have any Internet marketing experience, but it is easier than it sounds, so long as you do your research. Here are three top tips to help you brand your blog.

How to Brand Your Blog

Know Your Niche

If you’re a blogger, then you’ve probably already decided on your niche and target readership. If not, then now’s the time to determine exactly what your blog is about and who it is for. You also need to know what your blog is selling, if anything. For instance, if you keep a blog alongside a photography business, it makes sense for your blog posts to cater to potential clients, so you might want to create content that describes “why photography is important” as well as detailing the services on offer.

If you’re blogging to build your profile or because you want to share knowledge or advice, you are selling yourself, so your readers need to know what “you” are all about. In this instance, you need to build a personal brand.

Share Your USP

USP stands for unique selling proposition, but you don’t need to be making money for this to be an important part of your branding strategy. Your USP is what makes you different from other bloggers. In other words, why should your readers subscribe to your blog rather than someone else’s? What makes you unique?

Sit down with a pen and paper and figure out what makes you different, then share this with the world. Are you a vegan blogger with nutrition training and a love of sci-fi movies? Your readers want to know this about you, so don’t be afraid to share aspects of your personality that either give you impetus (the nutrition credentials) or that make you relatable (your love of sci-fi).

Brand Your Marketing Materials

Bloggers use marketing just like any other business. Every time you share one of your posts on social media, use affiliate marketing or send emails to your subscribers, you are marketing your blog – so it’s important to make that promotion count.

Create a logo for your blog and use colors and images that reflect your style and niche because this encourages readers to identify with content on an ongoing basis. If you don’t know the first thing about Internet marketing, or you’re not confident to brand your content on your own, you can hire asearch marketing expert from to increase targeted traffic to your blog using PPC and SEO.

Whether you hope to make money from your blog or it is simply a passion project, your website is the store window for what you want to share. Make sure your readers understand what you’re offering, and make that offering so compelling that they can’t help but hit “subscribe.”

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