Factors to Consider When Hiring an SEO Company


Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a lucrative yet one of the most ignored and misunderstood marketing strategy. With the growing use of social media to market businesses, Search Engine Optimization has become a more preferred promotional tool.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an SEO Company

If your company’s website does not appear anywhere on the first pages of search results on Google, Yahoo or Bing, then how will your potential customers know that you even exist let alone purchase your products? SEO requires both technical expertise and professional skills. This is the reason why most companies prefer to hire an SEO company to market their business.

By doing so, an organization is able to fulfill the marketing requirements and prospering without incurring great costs. The challenge comes in when choosing the SEO company, especially with a market flooded with SEO companies claiming to deliver the best services.

Below are the basic factors to consider when Hiring an SEO company.

  1. Customer reviews

Customer review is one of the main source of information regarding any SEO company that you intend to work with. The reviews reflect directly on the quality of services the company in question offers. A company that provides high quality and reliable services will have numerous and positive reviews from their contented customers. On the other hand, a company that offers poor services will have few negative reviews from the disappointed customers. It is therefore paramount to first check independent customer reviews to be sure about the reliability of the company in terms of service delivery.

  1. Experience

How long has the company been operating in the SEO industry.? This is a good indication of how competent the company is. Choose a company that has been in the business long enough to have gained enough experience. A company with many years of experience is likely to have dealt with other sites to know what to do for the best results. New companies work based on the laid down theories that promise excellent results which is not a guarantee.

  1. Cost

Different companies charge different prices for their services. Therefore, your budget for the optimization of your website becomes another limiting factor. There are companies that offer reliable services at low a price. Watch out as this might be reflection of incompetence. Ensure that you do enough research before settling down to a specific company.

  1. Reputation

An excellent reputation is a must have factor for any SEO company. It is not logic for an SEO company with a poor reputation to adequately improve the reputation of another business. Consider taking ample time to know any SEO company that you intend to engage. This can be done by interviewing past clients of the company or visiting the customer review section on their website.

  1. Client base.

An SEO company with a considerable customer base can access more data when compared to a company with less clients. The company is therefore capable of dealing with different website types from the experienced gained.

  1. Search Engine Ranking of the company

The S.E Ranking of an SEO company greatly reflects on their capability. You would not expect an SEO company to improve your website ranking while their own is not among the top ranked.

SageMauk SEO says “If the company does appear anywhere at the front pages, it’s a red flag. Run!”

SEO is a continuous process which has huge impacts on any business. Great caution should therefore be taken when selecting the right company to avoid dire mistakes.

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