How To Install Blogger Backgrounds


With this quick easy steps you will learn how to install a free blog background on blogger but please be aware that this tutorial apply to the old blogger template called Minima, so you have to switch to the old version of blogger templates.
1- Click the ‘Design’ tab from your blog Dashboard
2- Click ‘Edit Html’ under the ‘Design’ tab
3- Now you’ll see an orange title ‘Old Templates’ near the bottom of the page
4- Click on ‘Select Layout Template’ highlighted in blue
5- Then click ‘MINIMA’ and Save!

Open a new Internet Window to go to your blog, while keeping open, so you can easily toggle back and forth between screens.

1- Click the “DESIGN” tab from your blog Dashboard
2- Make sure you’re now in your “Page Elements” screen and click “Add a Gadget” on the SIDE BAR OF YOUR LAYOUT.
3- Find “HTML/Java Script” and click “Add to Blog”
4- You are now in the Configure “HTML/Java Script” screen. You will see a large box called the Content box.
5. Now come back to and highlight and copy the entire code in the BOX below the background you want to use, then paste it into your blog “HTML/java script” Content box!
6- Click SAVE! You’re all done!

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