Blogger To WordPress – Easy Steps For a Success Migration


Blogger To WordPress – Easy Steps For a Success Migration. If you want to migrate your blogger blog to standalone WordPress website in order to get more control on your website theme and files, so this tutorial is for you..

1- We assume that you already bought your premium hosting package, the best one i advice is the Ifastnet Hosting : $11.98 per year For a Standard Premium Hosting.

2- Next, you will need to login to the site where you originally registered your domain name (known as your domain registrar). Update your domain’s DNS to point to your new hosting account.

3- Install WordPress to your hosting account

4- Migrate your Blogger posts, comments, and images, over to your new WordPress account :

The importer tool does not migrate Pages made in Blogger, just Posts, comments, and images. You can easily copy over the content of any Pages into new WordPress pages.

First you will need to make sure you’re logged into your new WordPress dashboard, located at

In the dashboard, head over to Tools > Import. You will see a list of blogs you can import here. Choose Blogger.


On the next page, click Authorize to authorize access to your Blogger/Google account. Accept the authorization on Google’s end.

Once authorized, a list of your available blogs will appear. On the right hand side, choose Import next to the Blogger blog you want to import. It will show you progress bars along the way. When it’s finished, you will have the option to set the author name of the posts if you like.

Your Blogger site should now only be accessible through your original URL, and your custom URL should be pointed to your new WordPress site. Since you used your custom URL for your Blogger blog previously, you shouldn’t need to do any additional redirecting as your visitors will automatically be taken to your new WordPress site upon entering your URL. Your old Blogger account and dashboard will still be active and none of your details, posts, or settings will be deleted. You can set your blog to Private if you like in Blogger’s settings since you’re using the WordPress site now.

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