Do You Need to Revamp Your WordPress Blog?


If you have been running your blog for some time, you may have reached a plateau with your readership. It might not be anything you are doing wrong; you just might need something different to attract more readers. One way that you can grab more attention is to give your blog a makeover. There are various ways you can revamp your website on WordPress, here are a few ideas.

Website Design

One of the most obvious ways to revamp your website is by changing the design. Your site will be using one of the WordPress themes as its base; this gives you a few options for your design. You can change the theme entirely and start again (though you won’t lose your content), or you can simply change the elements within your current theme. Try adding some different colors or perhaps adding a new logo and background image. Many companies and bloggers will often change their website design to make it look fresh and new.

Using Photos

Images are a powerful way to tell a story or to show what your website is doing. If you are not currently using photos much, then this is definitely the way to go. You can add a gallery to your site on the home page as a visual temptation for people to click and see more. You should also be adding photos to all of your posts, at least one per post is best, but more if it’s a long post. It is also a good idea to watermark any of your photos as this discourages others from using them and adds to your branding. There are also WordPress plugins that you can use to add a lightbox for additional pictures.

Expand Your Brand

Expand Your Brand

Revamping your website is the perfect opportunity to start sharing and expanding your brand. Think about where you can place your brand that will give itmore exposure. One of the obvious choices is social media if you haven’t already. You can not only expand the exposure of your brand, but you can also share your content to a wider audience and interact with your readers. Another way to expand your brand is to diversify your blog subjects. For example, if you are writing about PC games, then why not branch into themobile game such as those on Android? In some cases, you can also earn yourself rewards by following the steps on sites like

Update Your Personal Information

Many readers are just as interested in the blogger as they are the blog, so if there have been any new updates, let them know. If you have won any blogging awards or been to any ceremonies, tell your readers about it. They will love to know, and they may even share it with their friends.

Revamping your blog site is more than just cosmetic, you can also use it as an opportunity to try new things and perhaps include something a reader has suggested.

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