Awesome Calendar Events WordPress Plugins


We collected for you the best events wordpress plugins that you can use instead of simple calendar wordpress style. Manage your events with this wordpress plugins and add a professional calendar functionality to your WordPress powered blog website instead of the standard default wordpress posts calendar widget.

Ajax Event Calendar

Ajax Event Calendar creates a fully localized calendar that lets authorized users manage events in custom categories.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

Event Calendar/Scheduler

The Event Calendar/Scheduler plugin can be used either as a scheduler for managing and visualizing events and appointments, or as a blog archive calendar.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is an online reservations and availability checking plugin. Visitors to your site can check availability for services, lodging, or anything else you want, as well as make reservations or appointments.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

Calendar Archives

The default calendar widget in WordPress serves as an archive to your past posts, but it’s pretty boring. The Calendar Archives plugin, on the other hand, serves as a visual archive of your past posts, complete with images for posts that include them.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar has a number of great features that let you rapidly create and manage your events. It creates a custom post type for events, an upcoming events widget, and has a full template meant to complement the Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes right out of the box.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

Availability Calendar

Availability Calendar makes it easy to display a calendar on your WP site that shows availability for things like a rental property.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins


Calendar is a simple plugin that lets you manage events and appointments.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar is a great plugin for large and complex calendars.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

My Calendar

My Calendar is an advanced event management plugin with calendar functionality. Its key features include the ability to display events as a list or in a calendar grid; daily, weekly, or monthly views.

Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

Simple Events Calendar

Simple Events Calendar lets you easily add upcoming events to your posts or pages, with an hCalendar standard microformat, making your events fully semantic.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

Google Calendar Events

If you use Google Calendar already, then Google Calendar Events might be the perfect plugin for you. It lets you feed in events from a Google Calendar and display them in a calendar grid or as a list on a page, post, or widget.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

Event Espresso Lite

Event Espresso Lite is a limited feature version of the premium Event Espresso event management system for WordPress.
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins


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