8 Tutorials To Create WordPress Themes


Sometimes i see in forums people asking please how to convert a PSD to WordPress… even though there is a lot of good easy ways to create a wordpress nice themes templates from the scratch and with a simple easy ways. So today i will showcase for you 8 of the most best tutorials to learn how to create a wordpress theme in a minutes.


Back in 2005, I wrote a little tutorial for WordPress 1.5 on how to integrate wordpress with an existing website.


Over the last few weeks, I have been been doing a video screencast series on Designing for WordPress. It is a three-part series which covers downloading and installing WordPress on a server all the way to a completed theme.


WordPress is the most popular and the best (in my opinion) blogging platform, created by Automattic. It’s really easy to use and it’s very powerful, giving you the opportunity to build any kind of site, from blogs to shopping carts and CMS’s….


WordPress is one of the most successful blogging platform which we too are currently on. From the past few articles we have been giving out a few cool wordpress themes for download….


Creating a WordPress theme from scratch is not hard. I’ll hold your hand through it….


Before that, you need to download and install a localhost in your pc. I am using xampp for this. After that, download wordpress from wordpress official website…


Following on from the recent article on “PSD to HTML”, this tutorial will look at taking a HTML/CSS template and turning it into a functioning WordPress theme….


This is the Chapter II of the Complete WordPress Theme Guide series….


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