5 Useful CDN WordPress Plugins


5 Useful CDN WordPress Plugin Free Download. Awesome free cdn (Content Delivery Network) wordpress plugins to use on your wordpress blog, CDN is a service which makes the static content of your blog (CSS, Images, JavaScript, Videos..etc) load much faster on your readers and visitors browser.
CDN is a collection of servers located at different places and countries, all over the World. Whenever a visitor hits your blog, the CDN serves the static page/data from the nearest possible server, there by making the page loading blazing fast.
WP Super Cache : A great free CDN WordPress plugin available. Simply install the plugin and after making some configuration your blog is ready to cater heavy traffic.
W3 Total Cache : Another free CDN WordPress plugin which amazingly decreases page load time of your WordPress blog.
CloudFlare: The WordPress plugin for CloudFlare ( free ) works wonderfully. The paid version cost US$ 20/month with advance security feature. If your blog traffic is 50,000/month or more then you should go for paid version. If your blog is getting less traffic and you are looking for a free CDN service then you should go for the free version.
Amazon Cloudfront CDN : Amazon Cloudfront is a paid service. You have to pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee per month.
 MaxCDN: One of the best WordPress plugin for CDN.


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