14 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2012


14 best top must have wordpress plugins widgets 2012 that every wordpress blogger should have on his/her website to be sure that your visitors will stay connected on your blog, as we see the number of the new blogspot and other platforms blogs created every month the competition is very hard for each and every author.

On this post we want to focus on how you can improve the number of shares of your blog and also great easy navigation through your website with some of the latest WordPress Plugins.

Social Sharing Toolkit

known as ‘social bling’. You can place it before, after, or before and after each post. Social Sharing Toolkit is both clean and useful – as easy it gets.

Digg Digg Powerful social sharing buttons

Digg Digg makes it super easy to add a floating share bar to your blogpost, just like Mashable for example. You can also choose to add buttons either before or after your posts with the plugin.

Share Bar for WordPress

Hello Bar

The plugin is used and trusted by some of the biggest bloggers out there, including Tim Ferris or Eric Ries. It also offers some great customization options, to be either displayed at the top of your page or at the bottom.

Hello Bar for WordPress Blogs

Sexy Bookmarks

The plugin also comes with the option to be installed for a great number of other blogging platforms such as tumblr or as a standalone for any website. It is overall a most solid solution for your blog.

w3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache have one of the most powerful caching plugins out there, that will increase the loading time of your blog up to 10 times. It will cache each and every element of your site and readers will be able to read your posts in a split second.

The Slide

The Slide is a simple plugin that slides into your page, halfway through an article, just like the New York Times has for example.

Twitter Follow Button and Facebook subscribe buttons

the Twitter follow button and Facebook subscribe button are two of the most indispensable things for bloggers still though we believe.

Tweet Old Post

Tweet Old Post does exactly what it says. You can customize the date range and categories to pull old posts from. You can even exclude certain categories as well.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

It doesn’t hurt to have an added layer of protection in the cloud (Dropbox).

WP Touch

As we are going forward in 2012, not having your blog optimized for the millions of iPhone, Android and other smartphone users is definitely not an option we found. One of the best solutions out there is definitely WP Touch.

WP Touch WordPress Plugin

All in one SEO Pack

The plugin automatically generates Meta tags, optimizes your post titles for search engines and helps you to detect and avoid duplicate content. Even if you have very little SEO knowledge, this plugin will be of great help for you.

Social Metrics

Handy solution every blogger should know about is a plugin called Social Metrics. It gives you a slick dashboard inside your WordPress interface, and allows you to track and compare how well each of your posts perform on Social Media.

Social Media Widget

With the super easy to handle Social Media widget, you will be able to do exactly that and display any Social Networking profile you can think of. Best part: What is super handy with this plugin, is that you are even able to create your own icons of Social Media accounts and personalize the look and feel much more.

Those are the 19 most indispensable WordPress plugins for 2012. Each of them has definitely given to any wordpress blog a huge boost. Which plugin is your favorite of the above?


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