10 WordPress Slider Plugins


A nice collection of 10 wordpress slider plugins free download. excellent free jquery slider WordPress plugins that you can easily implement into your blog websites. Most of these easy to use plugins can be used without having to change the entire HTML code and few of them need to make some changes.

Jquery sliders are always used for highlight important content and load multiple images or videos on website when visitors visit your homepage. Slider allows you to display multiple images, videos and content in a fascinating and attention grabbing way. If you found this article useful for you please share it with your friends on social networks such google+ and facebook! You can always follow us on Facebook and add us to your Google+ circles.

10 WordPress Slider Plugins

1- Cyclone Slider 2 Plugin

Cyclone Slider 2

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2- Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides is a responsive slideshow plugin for WordPress. Meteor Slides makes you simple to create slideshows and you can add the slideshows using shortcode tag, or widget, template tag.

Meteor Slides

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3- WOW Slider Plugin

WOW Slider is a responsive jQuery image slider with amazing visual effects includes collage, seven, photo, blur, domino and more.

WOW Slider Plugin

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4- WordPress Posts Slider

Posts slider is a light weight, responsive posts content slider plugin for WordPress, with touch for mobile devices. It allows you to manage your posts to show in the slider with custom categories, authors, tags and more. The plugin comes with pre-designed layouts, simple and easy to use.

Wordpress Posts Slider

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5- WordPress Smart Slider 2

Smart Slider 2

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6- Lite Easing Slider

Lite Easing Slider

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7- SlideDeck 2

SlideDeck 2

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8- WordPress FlexSlider

Wordpress FlexSlider

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9- WordPress Meta Slider

Wordpress Meta Slider

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10- Infinite Slider

Infinite Slider

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