Why Small Businesses Should Use Instagram


When your business is not present on Instagram, you miss out on a huge marketing opportunity. Ever since the social network appeared, it established itself as a wonderful tool that marketers can use to expand brand presence and product visibility. The use of influencer marketing on Instagram is preferred but there are countless other strategies that small businesses can use. But, why is that? Here are some reasons to keep in the back of your mind.

Why Small Businesses Should Use Instagram

Over 1 Billion Users

Instagram has over 1 billion users, with 500 million being active daily and 37% of US adults using an account. This is a huge market that you can instantly access and promote your business and services. While it does take a good strategy to reach success on the network and much more work than with networks like Facebook, the sheer volume that you can access is worth the investment.

You Do Not Need To Be A Large Business

While on Facebook, in order to be very successful you need to invest a lot of money, with Instagram things are different. Small businesses can thrive since the financial investment needed to reach millions of people is much lower than with the major networks. This even made giant brands like Adidas and Coca Cola develop highly complex Instagram marketing strategies.

Selling Through Instagram

One of the things that many business owners do not know about Instagram is that you can use shoppable posts. This makes it very easy to make sales right from the network, with a button that clearly states “Shop Now”. As the user clicks the button, he/she is taken to your store. Businesses can attract sales and statistics show that over 70% of users on Instagram bought products online.

Making The Business Feel Human

With Instagram, it is easy to show your potential customers the fact that you have a brand identity. This is possible through numerous app features but particularly effective with the live posts and the stories you can easily upload.

Live stories can show behind the scenes parts of the small business. For instance, you can show how some products are made or highlight office employees that interact with customers or with each other. Some small businesses even arrange Q&A sessions with Instagram live streaming.

You Can Work With Influencers

Influencer marketing can do wonders for a small business and Instagram is a perfect social network to create a very effective campaign. Influencers are practically online celebrities that have a lot of weight when they promote a product or a service. When you choose dependable influencers, the sales of your company can skyrocket, all with a really low return on the investment you make. Even something as simple as a post in which the influencer talks about a product you sell can lead to numerous extra sales.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, we should highlight the fact that not many businesses use Instagram. This is especially true for the smaller ones. You can easily take advantage of this opportunity and do something that the competition does not.

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