What to Look for When Hiring a Real Estate SEO Marketing Agency


In the world of real estate, one doesn’t just find clients wherever one looks. In fact, if any of us want to market our real estate business effectively, we will invest in an SEO marketing agency.

But which one? After all, there are so many of them currently on the market that it would take us ages just to read all of the reviews. That’s why we’ve decided to point out some important factors everyone should pay attention to. Hopefully, by the end of this article, anyone in real estate will know a thing or two about what makes an SEO marketing agency excellent.

What to Look for When Hiring a Real Estate SEO Marketing Agency

What to look for in a real estate SEO marketing agency

We could say that hiring a real estate SEO marketing agency is sort of like looking for our ideal partner. This agency has to be committed and loyal to us. Moreover, it should have all the traits we deem important.

The ideal real estate SEO marketing agency is:

  • Attentive to the client’s needs
  • Helpful and accessible
  • Able to provide good client support
  • Organized and aware of all the laws regarding real estate marketing.

Those are just the basic traits our real estate SEO marketing agency should have. It should also be able to track trends, follow up on them and even invent new ones. What’s more, it should always be there for their client and ready to help. . However, there are others that could make or break our real estate marketing plans. In essence, we should look for:

An agency that can provide us with all the services we need

Whenever we’re looking for a third-party to help us with our business, we first have to think about our priorities. What do we want to do in regard to digital marketing? Do we want to expand our reach on social media? Then we will need someone who knows how millennials think, like, share and follow on social networks.

Meanwhile, if we want a creative marketing strategy to boost our business’s visibility, someone like real estate SEO expert Scott Keever could prove to be the best choice. Before cutting our list of candidates to a few, we need to talk to our team. We ought to see in which direction we would like to go with our business.

An agency that knows the trends and smartly chooses whether to follow them

The real estate industry is changing all the time. In fact, it has evolved quite a bit over the years, with more agents popping up every single day. These agents are putting everything they have into current trends, hoping to reach yet another client. But we cannot just rely on trends, as some of them are just enjoying their five minutes of fame.

Thus, it’s crucial for us to hire a real estate SEO marketing agency that will not only follow trends but also know when to miss out on them. Moreover, if we could find someone who focuses on what works best for a client, we could actually grow our business substantially.

An agency that understands real estate and has experience

No matter how great someone is at SEO, we won’t get far if they don’t know anything about real estate. In order to adjust our website to our needs, draw in leads, increase click rates and web traffic, as well as boost our position in SERPs, the agency has to know how real estate actually works.

They should be aware of the terminology and comfortable using it while developing and executing our SEO strategy. Furthermore, they should know a thing or two about the buying and selling process. It’s essential to understand the subject so as to convey the right marketing message.

An agency that shares our goals and is not afraid to go the extra mile

Finally, our perfect marketing agency has to be on the same page with us. During our first consultation, when we’re just getting to know each other, we ought to mention our goals and what we want to achieve by using their services.

After that first meeting, we will know if they are the right fit for us and whether they can help us. If the agency shares our vision and feels the same enthusiasm as we do, we’ve run into an agency that can deliver on its promise. Moreover, if they’ve already worked with other real estate businesses and know in which direction to take us, our search is over.

Investing in real estate SEO will take us one step further towards success

In the end, the marketing agency we opt for should have all these traits and a few additional, positive ones as well. When it comes to our money and time, perfection is desirable. In fact, in the case of Scott Keever, it seems that it’s also attainable.

Nevertheless, before opting for an agency, we need to thoroughly check if they meet all our requirements. Only then will we know for sure that all our SEO woes regarding our real estate business may disappear in just a few months.

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