What Is Thin Content And Why Should You Avoid It?


No matter what SEO strategy you use, one of the really important things to remember is that content stands out as the paramount thing if you want to rank a website. There is a clear need for high quality. Original work is much more important than what most people expect. Unfortunately, there are still many SEO workers that just create low quality content, content that is labeled as thin. This is a concept that so many do not actually know so it should be properly explained.

What Is Thin Content And Why Should You Avoid It?

Understanding Thin Content

The most important thing to understand about the topic is what thin content actually is. At its code, it is substandard quality content that can be seen as not being helpful to the user. Google identifies numerous pages that are labeled as thin content these days. Everyone from service providers like Fix It Right Plumbing to huge ecommerce websites like Amazon is susceptible to getting some thin content ratings for their pages.

In most situations thin content is identified because of the creation of pages that do not have substantial content on them, like affiliate pages or ecommerce product presentations. Google particularly flags those pages that are stuffed with keywords, which was a common black hat SEO practice for a long time now.

What Does Google Want?

Sometimes, understanding what Google labels as thin content is difficult and controversial. However, at its basics, the search engine giant is simply interested in content of a really high quality. What is particularly important for every single site owner that is interested in ranking as high as possible is to develop really good and long content that covers the topic in a way that is as complete as possible.

Fortunately, you do not actually have to write thousands of words in order to create the good quality Google is looking for. Avoiding low quality is basically the important thing at the end of the day.

How To Avoid Thin Content Penalties

A thin content penalty can affect the entire website, including the pages that do have high quality content when most of the pages are labeled as being thin. You want to avoid the thin content penalty at all costs because recovering from it is going to cost you a lot of time and money.

Using the best practices for content development is necessary for every single site owner. This means you need to conduct a very good research so the content that is created is of a very high quality. The fact that this is quite difficult to do is actually something that has to be taken into account since not all people can generate this great content. What you absolutely want to do is to follow all guidelines you can find and you need to be sure that you do not publish pages that have content that is under 500 words. While you do need less in many cases, following this rule should be more than enough to get great content on the site, unless you do not use duplicate content.

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