Top 5 Common Website Mistakes exposed through Content Audits


Top 5 Common Website Mistakes exposed through Content Audits

No Call-to-Action

Many websites fall into the trap of having no clear call-to-action. While this may not seem to be an omission which is particularly heinous, no call-t-action means that customers and prospects will have no clear idea of what to do when they reach the site.

A call-to-action is something that tells people what they should do with the site – to not have one means that you are wasting opportunities to funnel prospects and customers into the site.

Misused Testimonials

Testimonials, as we all know, are one of the most useful areas of an online system, particularly with the rise of online review sites. Testimonials are information from previous clients, talking about how happy they are with various parts of the services on offer – and also talking about what needs improving. Unfortunately, many people do not use testimonials to their fullest extent. Testimonials can be used to help funnel customers and prospects along, as well as keeping them from going to review sites, because the information they need is already on the site itself. Testimonials make the site seem more trustworthy.

Not Making Use of Relevancy

One of the top ways to create content for your marketing is to focus on what is relevant to your interests in the immediate locale. This does not apply for every service, of course, but there are many for which it does. Relevant content makes it much more likely that your site will become relevant immediately to people who need it – using mobile ads for someone who will do a search for that particular service makes it much more likely that someone will find and use those services. Relevancy is a factor in whether or not people use a certain service.

Overusing Jargon

Too much jargon can turn people off you and your site. Try and strike a balance between the need for technical jargon which will explain what you do in greater detail, and the plain language which will help people to understand what it is you are offering them. Too much jargon can cause people to give up and go somewhere else, looking to find a service which they don’t need to learn what can sometimes feel like an entirely new language to use. Jargon has its place, but don’t overdo it.

Poor Linking

Poor linking of pages on the site is what can commonly cause people to become frustrated with your site and leave. Two of the 5 SEO challenges you face is to keep people interested, and keep your site in the public eye. SEO can handle some of this, but if you’re site has bad internal links, then it means that people will not be able to find where they need to go, or will not be able to find what they need, and so they will most likely leave. Poor internal linking can lose you a significant portion of your business, if you are not careful then better hire a marketing agency to take care of all your online marketing needs.

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