The Perfect SEO Checklist for Higher Ranking


Several business owners find the concept of SEO overwhelming because they lack the required skills and knowledge. Working with the best SEO agencies in Singapore will help you to avoid expensive mistakes and rank higher.

It’s imperative to be deliberate when setting your SEO goals and designing your digital marketing strategy. This simple checklist will help you boost your online visibility over time.

The Perfect SEO Checklist for Higher Ranking

  • Conduct keyword research

Keywords help visitors to find the sites that contain relevant information. Carry out keyword research before creating content or implementing your SEO strategy. Another thing is to get a good grasp of user search intent to help you maintain the top position in search results.

  • Create a robots.txt file

Robots.txt file is the key to attracting web crawlers to index your site after updating or creating new web pages. It will let them know where they should crawl and the areas to avoid. There is no need to handle this manually if you rely on WordPress.

  • Prioritize on-page optimization

Some business owners assume that on-page optimization revolves around keywords. However, it entails more than that in this era. Start by creating awesome titles which should not exceed 60 characters.

Include keywords in the body of your content, title, meta description and alt tag. As you take this step, avoid keyword stuffing. Short URLs will help you to rank higher and one H1 tag is enough for each page.

  • Backlinks matter

Quality backlinks tend to promote higher ranking. Stay away from spammy backlinks to avoid getting penalized by search engines. Try to maintain a clean URL structure on your website. For instance, consider replacing spaces with dashes in your URL.

Other ways to get backlinks is to take advantage of guest blog opportunities and study your competitors. Remember to invest in internal link building to improve dwell time and page views.

  • Have a sitemap

A sitemap can serve as a directory for search engines on your website. Although it won’t make search engine bots to crawl or index your site, your content will become more visible. There are different plugins you can use to generate XML sitemaps automatically.

  • Set up a Google My Business Page

Taking this crucial step is very simple and cost nothing. In fact, it will go a long way to boost your ranking on search engine result pages. It’s best to add visuals and enter the correct categories in all fields. This will increase your chances of beating competitors and appearing in local search results.

Consistent NAP listing is more than just a buzz term. It’s still a fundamental part of local SEO that you need to take seriously.

  • Focus on technical SEO

It may be difficult to discover some underlying issues even if all other aspects of web design are intact. The common technical SEO issues include duplicate content, poorly optimized pages, slowly loading sites, and broken links.

These problems must be fixed as they can have a negative effect on ranking and web spiders will be unable to crawl your web pages. Endeavor to conduct an SEO audit regularly on your website.



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