What It Takes to Manage a New SEO Company


Even though there are loads of SEO experts already out there, new SEO-based companies still startup and succeed all the time. If you understand how search engine optimization works and you can identify companies that need your help, you will never have a shortage of work. At the same time, you will need a team made up of college graduates, self-taught individuals, and driven people who live, sleep, and breathe search engine optimization. And how does one go about managing a group of varied employees who are all responsible for different parts of an SEO campaign? Dependent upon how your team works, you might want to look at a handful of management tools.

What It Takes to Manage a New SEO Company

Co-working Spaces

Pretty much every new startup has done away with cubicles and individual offices and instead turned to co-working spaces. Basically, if you are going to rent commercial space and setup a new office for your SEO company, you need to give your staff various places to work, take their breaks, socialize, nap, and even have fun. Consider setting up a few standing desks in front of a row of tall windows. Install benches where everyone can eat lunch while accessing their laptops. Ideally, your SEO company staff should be able to take their work with them just about anywhere, as co-working spaces have a big impact on productivity.

Remote Work Capabilities

Your staff probably don’t really need to physically come into the office to get their work done. In fact, a lot of SEO startup companies are operated from a satellite office and all staff members are able to work remotely. If you want to be able to give your staff better benefits without your budget being blown through, consider giving employees at least the option of working from home on certain days. It can also make it easier for you to manage your SEO company if you get to focus on attending to clients and just be kept up to speed via employee status update emails.

Collaborative Work Efforts

At various times, cooperation is going to be a big part of you and your staff’s daily routine. One person will be starting up a new SEO campaign while someone else will be writing up a report. Another team member might be drafting a contract with a new client while a different employee might be putting new customer testimonials on your website. To help manage your SEO company, look at collaborative work programs that can enable you to share screens and edit documents located in a centralized area.

A lot of your company’s money will be spent on programs and tools that are needed to perform quality SEO work for businesses. You will also need to have a great team if you want to complete campaigns quickly. Lastly, there has to be an excellent management plan if you intend on your company doing great things. Everyone needs to direction so look at managing your SEO company as clearly, succinctly, and simply as you can.

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