Points To Remember When Teaching SEO


A comprehensive knowledge of current Search Engine Optimization techniques is essential to the success of a company’s content marketing efforts.  SEO focuses on the elements considered by the most popular search engines and how to maximize the company’s content to give them what they seek.

Adequately transferring knowledge in the workplace is not a simple matter of job shadowing or flash training.  In order to reap the benefits of well-placed SEO elements, the company’s web designers must be well-versed and competent in the art of search engine optimization.  Take a quick look at this brief overview of a few of the most important elements to remember when teaching SEO.

Keyword research tools

Keywords are arguably the most important element of SEO.  It would be crazy not to start here.  Keywords are what users type into search engines to search for information.  They are the basis of all search efforts.

If a marketing professional can lock down the right keywords, then a website will enjoy sitting at the top of the search results for quite some time.  It is important to raise awareness of the many keyword research tools available for free online.

Analyze the competitors

Successful SEO manipulators understand how to peek in on the competition and analyze their methods.  There is no real benefit to copying competitors, but a thorough variety of tactics from various sources just might build the foundation for an excellent SEO effort.

Once professionals learn the basics of search engine optimization, it is easier to analyze the competition sufficiently.  Take a look at their main website.  Check out their social media accounts, and read the blog entries of competitors to step into their company’s mindset.

Analyze the competitors

Write useful and engaging content

Many marketing campaigns are centered around a loyal blog following.  Once a business has built a broad array of readers that follow their blog, getting the word out about new products or services is much easier.

Loyal readers will share the articles, and blog entries that interest and stimulate them.  Do not waste time posting a slew of useless commercialized blog posts.  People will not remain interested for more than ten seconds, and the blog will never leave the proverbial ground.

Teach the importance of metadata

Too often, the “small” pieces of information are overlooked when formulating stimulating content.  Rich content includes video and image additions to enhance the information being presented.  Users need visual stimulation as well as mental.

Metadata comes into play when considering the details of a site.  Be sure to teach the importance of filling in the blanks.  Inserting a video or image is just another chance to saturate the site with valuable identifiable keywords.

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