Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2018


As the new year approaches, it pays to plan to stay with or beat the competition. To do that, one must be aware of the trends that are already causing tectonic-like shifts in the digital marketing world. Ignoring these can render one’s business obsolete as competitors identify and make use of the trends that are sure to shake up the internet.

IoT Expansion

As internet access continues to gain wider global adoption, more people are connected than ever before in human history. This connection isn’t always person-to-person. Rather it is person-to-device. This is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Various global technology companies have produced their consumer level set of ‘smart’ products that are always online.

In addition to our mobile phones, other devices such as Amazon’s Echo and the Roku are taking over the marketing world, providing a platform where marketers can spend their ad dollars.

Video Marketing

Integration of video marketing is another trend that can’t be ignored. According to Forbes, come 2019, more than 80% of all internet traffic will be video related. As internet bandwidth increases in conjunction with more devices being able to play streaming video content, the potential for more marketing material to be produced in video formats is accelerating.

Machines are Getting Smarter

Another trend is expansion of machine learning and marketing automation. With the help of data analytics and mining, companies have a greater understanding of web users and their traffic. Using this data allows them to produce marketing material that is suited best to capture users’ attention and clicks. As the machines get smarter and process more of our data, they have a better understanding of where and when consumers will go to next on the web.

As more people continue to get online for goods and services, they are still going to have questions and concerns that need to be addressed faster than with having to send an email or being put on hold over the telephone. In response to this, chatbots are being integrated into various websites. These are powered by artificially intelligent systems designed to cater to customers’ needs and questions. Going a step further, chatbots are being programmed within ads to facilitate an interaction between a curious customer and the website.

With camera and phone technology getting better, the advance of augmented reality in the marketing space can’t be ignored. Companies such as Facebook and Snapchat have provided customers with innovative and fun ways to interact with products and services, prominently displaying logos and mascots, all with the goal of gaining wider exposure and attention to their brand and product.

Staying Ahead of the Game

With these trends in mind, along with many more, it is imperative for a website to work with builders who are knowledgeable about these trends. As technology gets better and faster, businesses who want to stay ahead in the competition need to know where the winds are blowing. Taking advantage of places such as the Outsourced Growth website that make it their business to keep up on the latest trends, will help any business identify and ride the wave to ensure success in an ever-changing world.

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