How to Market Yourself Once GDPR Hits


As the date for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looms ever closer, many businesses are racing to ensure that they are conducting business within the strict guidelines set out by the new legislation. However, the best marketers are looking at GDPR with an increasing sense of opportunity, because it will give them the chance to transform and improve their current strategies whilst ensuring that GDPR compliance is at the center of them. That’s not to say that marketing under the GDPR will be easier, but more that it will give the smart marketers a number of opportunities to spread their reach and grow new audiences.

How to Market Yourself Once GDPR Hits

Knowing your customers

GDPR will require certain transparency when it comes to the collection and use of consumer data. Marketers need to ensure that their audiences are not only vaguely aware of their rights but that they know exactly what they are opting into when it comes to company newsletters and new product listings. This means that you will be unable to send out a newsletter to a customer if they haven’t expressly given permission to do so. The ideas comes down once again to the marketing truism of ‘quality over quantity,’ and having a clearer idea of exactly what each customer wants from your business allows you the opportunity to create much more focused and targeted selling techniques that will tie-in with what the customer wants. Your consent forms will be the key to creating the best marketing strategies under the new GDPR laws.

Building customer trust

It seems that only recently have the general public become more aware of the value of their personal data, and as a result have become much more wary about handing it over to just any old business. Thankfully, any business that is fully compliant with GDPR has a major marketing angle to take advantage of, in that you can assure both new and existing customers that your data security has been fully optimized. You can make certain of this by making use of who can make sure that you are indeed fully compliant with GDPR, and this also give you yet another marketing resource. By advertising that you have used IT professionals, you will build the trust necessary when it comes to rebuilding your customer lists.

Reducing negativity

In the event of a data breach by cybercriminals, GDPR sets out a set of guidelines that will dictate your response. Although this will mean work in terms of the marketing department, it will act as a reassurance for your customers, which will, in turn, increase the levels of trust that have in you and your business.

Many in the marketing sector are concerned that GDPR will negatively affect their current and future marketing strategies, but by looking at is an opportunity to refocus your targeting, it’s actually a fantastic way to make sure that your customers receive the tailored content that they actually want. For that reason, GDPR should be looked at as a marketer’s dream scenario.

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