How Can an SEO Agency Help You Make the Most of Your Website?


Success for any business stems from a few separate factors. It can involve your customer service, your branding, your marketing strategy, and your outreach. One platform that can allow you to address any issues you may have is your website. How can you ensure you are making the most of your website? By enlisting the help of an expert SEO agency and working together on the handy bullet points below outlining some simple ways to boost your business.

How Can an SEO Agency Help You Make the Most of Your Website?

A business website is the gateway for potential clients and customers, as well as the perfect platform with which your company can create a strong brand identity and spread your message. So, what are you waiting for? Making the most of your website has never been easier!

  • Make it user-friendly

How often do you visit a website, find it slow, clunky, or unclear, then dismiss it? This behavior pattern is what your customers do, too. Nobody wants to work with a poorly laid out website, which is unclear and confusing to follow. In fact, many people, and, therefore, potential customers, will simply dismiss your website and your product and services if they struggle to access and navigate the site. Address this issue as a priority by making your website aesthetic and clearly laid out with fast-loading pages.

  • Content is key

The main factor that will be drawing people to your site is the content you create. Make sure your content is informative, relevant and interesting, so they are more likely to use your services. Another important consideration to make is ensuring you optimize your content. Through implementing SEO techniques with the content on your site, and across the web, you can increase your outreach potential. Making your business easy to search and find on Google should be a driving factor when you’re developing content, so give the adequate amount of time to this aspect of your website. For help and expertise on the best SEO techniques, contact expert services such as those available with the best SEO agency Bicester can offer, today, and see the results for yourself.

  • Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback might seem like a detrimental point to make, but it’s a vital element to your website and can be incredibly helpful for your company. By giving clients and customers the opportunity to feedback on their experience, you can find any weak points in your strategy and work on these so that future customers don’t face the same problem. Asking for and encouraging feedback will also show your existing customers that they are cared for, valued and listened to. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Engage with customers

Utilize every aspect of your website. This includes the opportunity to engage with customers. By facilitating chatbots and plugins, you can expand your customer base and gain more of an understanding of what your customers want, straight off the cuff.

Benefits of chatbots:

Messaging apps have now surpassed social networks in terms of monthly active users. Join the trend and offer your customers the option to direct message you about any issues or queries they may have. By doing so, it shows your customers your business is looking forward and is keeping up with the demands of instant responses. No longer will an email response three days later do the trick. Customers expect results, fast, so facilitate this via your website and see your customers respond accordingly.

  • Get social

Social media is another feature that you can capitalize on in your marketing strategy. Your website can take visitors to your social media pages, which, if optimized with the right content, can provide a further boost for your business. By engaging with customers on social media sites that they are actively using day to day, your potential customer outreach and exposure can be much higher compared to using your website alone. Not convinced? There are 800 million active users on Instagram alone. If you invest time and money into such social platforms, your business has the potential to win in more ways than one. You can gain exposure for your company, and can also make money directly from Instagram, with ‘shop now’ features now readily available.

  • Invite others to blog on your site

Blogs are a great way to engage visitors with exciting, fresh content. Take this one step further by inviting others to guest post on your site. Seek out experts that fall within your niche, and collaborate with them to create content that will keep your readers coming back.

  • Consider your website design

Although technically speaking, the color scheme and design of your website may not take precedent, never underestimate the importance of a visually appealing site. It only takes users seconds to form an opinion about your website. Depending on whether they like what they see, they’ll either remain on your site or leave it and search elsewhere, therefore taking potential custom elsewhere, too. It stands to reason then that your business should invest both time and money on your web design. Think about graphics, layout, a color scheme, and font. These factors will all play a part in the overall impression you give to your customers. You can easily influence people with the right choice of colors:

  • Green is associated with health and tranquility.
  • Red encourages appetite and creates a sense of urgency (frequently used for sales).
  • Blue calms the mind, a common color for offices and corporate brands.
  • Purple connotes wisdom, respect, and royalty.

Do your research and consider the best colors for your company to use, and base your website redesign around this.

  • Make your website mobile friendly

Everybody is familiar with the way mobiles are used in today’s society. In fact, there is now more a push on websites to be mobile-first in terms of content, as well as mobile-friendly. As more and more consumers are using their phones as the primary device for visiting sites, make sure yours loads fast with an appropriate layout, so you don’t lose out on customers reaching your website through their phones. As smartphone browsing overtakes desktop surfing, don’t get left behind and make sure your site appeals to these users.

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