All About Google AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – Guide


On this article we will showcase all about the Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). The Google AMP project is a Google mobile initiative to speed up the web for mobiles, and as the one year anniversary of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) rolled around we decided to make a guide to learn about it and how to implement it on your website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – The Ultimate Guide

According to Google :

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

In one word, with AMP project, Google want to improve the mobile experience for users and this can be done by stripping down webpages to just the important parts and avoid using javascripts and css which take longer to load.

How AMP Work

The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) works in two steps :

  • 1- Prevent all JAVA scripts to load and ask the web developers to simplify the website pages for mobiles.
  • 2- The AMP serves up pages from its own servers, which take less time to load.

What you can get when you use AMP ?

  • Better placements in SERPs with carousel possibility for better CTR. In one implementation with a popular publisher, Google AMP resulted in a 600% in CTRs!
  • Google AMP forces a lot of recommended web performance practices such as prevention of large CSS and JS frameworks.
  • Could impact your conversions in a positive way.
  • AMP is free and open source.
  • AMP can definitely improve the load times of your WordPress site. And remember that speed is a ranking factor.
  • A lot of improvements have been made over the past year and advertising options are now readily available in Google AMP. This means magazines and new publications can retain or even increase their AdSense revenue.
  • Automatic image optimization (even conversion to WebP format!)
  • AMP Lite introduces further optimization for slow network connections. Google saw a combined 45% reduction in bytes.

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