Five Ways To Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy


You should evaluate and revamp your digital marketing strategy every few months so you don’t waste resources on tactics that are not working. Try these five strategies if you’re stuck in a marketing rut:

Five Ways To Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy

1. SEO

SEO drives traffic to your website by helping you rank higher in the SERPs. Unlike PPC ads and social media marketing, clicks are free, so make SEO your priority. Use this SEO checklist to make sure your website has everything Google looks for when deciding which websites to show on the first page of the results: 

  • Make sure your website is responsive – Nothing irritates visitors more than a website that provides a poor experience on the device of their choice.
  • Your site should load quickly – Visitors will leave if your site takes longer than three seconds to load. Google relegates pages that load slowly to the second or third page of the SERPs even if the site is highly relevant to the search query.
  • Use HTTPS – Get a free certificate online.
  • Review your technical SEO – Ensure images have alt tags, use optimized URL structures and add a transcript to your videos.
  • Start a blog on your website. Post once or twice a week to show search engines that you consistently add fresh content.
  • Eliminate duplicate content – If you have an e-commerce website, write your own product descriptions instead of using the manufacturer’s description.

Five Ways To Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy

2. Content Marketing

Your website is your best inbound marketing tool. Ensure your site:

  • Have the most valuable content above the fold – When visitors land on your website, they decide whether to stay in just a few seconds. The first thing they see should pique their interest and make them keep reading.
  • Establish your brand as an authority in your industry – Your website needs unique content not available anywhere else. Conduct research and publish your finding on your website and offer commentary on the latest industry news. Use interview websites to publish CEO interviews and link to them.
  • Do not overwhelm visitors – While you want authoritative content, don’t overwhelm visitors when they land on your site. Keep the homepage simple and have prominent links to studies, interviews and other long-form content.

4. Social Media Marketing

Use pay-per-click paid ads on social networks like YouTube and Facebook; you’ll increase brand awareness. If a person does not click on your ad, or watch your commercial, you don’t pay. You can introduce your product to people who were not aware of it and would not be searching for it on Google.

5. PPC Marketing

Evaluate your PPC campaigns. You should earn at least $2 for every $1 you spend after paying your PPC management agency. If you are not seeing this ROI, change your tactics if you create PPC campaigns in-house or find another PPC management agency. Additionally, you should review your landing pages to ensure they are optimized for conversions.

Auditing your digital marketing strategy regularly and implementing updated strategies will help you find problems and allocate resources to areas that increase your ROI.

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