Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid


Starting is the easy part, driving traffic to your blog, now that is some work. Many beginners start out blogging with high hopes but get disappointed when the traffic to their blogs don’t match their expectations. Sadly, some even quit altogether.

This often comes from them making common blogging mistakes that cost the visibility and in turn traffic. Even then, growing the readership of your blog requires both hard work and patience. You need to give people time to discover your blog, read it and grow with it as you post new content.

Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Here are common blogging mistakes and how to avoid them.


You have to find the optimal frequency for updating new content for your blog. Blogging less often doesn’t do your blog any favours since search engine algorithms are always crawling the web for new content and lacking new posts negatively impacts your blog ranking. What this means is your blog is less likely to appear in the first page of search engine results page hence less traffic since rarely do people go the subsequent pages.

Plus you will rarely building a loyal audience when you post when you feel like it which could be once it two months.

Blogging too much, on the other hand, isn’t good either. Not only can search engine penalize you for spamming but your audience may also find your overbearing and unsubscribe from your notifications.

If you are posting 500-1000 word articles then once or weekly should be sufficient to keep your audience engaged.

Lacking a clear niche

Lack of a clearly defined niche could be the reason your blog is not growing. What is the prevailing theme in your blog? The best blogs are those that have an overall theme that guides the reader on the types of articles to expect when they click on your link.

Do not mix topics. For instance, if you’re a tech blog, writing about politics will lose your some readership. No one wants to read a blog about everything.

You don’t seek help

Blogging is a very fluid business where search engine algorithms and writing styles keep evolving. You need to keep up if you want to attract traffic to your blog. There many online resources, websites and blogs that have tips that could make you’re a better blogger.

You’ll find writing advice, SEO strategies and those that help bloggers with content marketing. Visit The Blog here for tips on how to make your content more attractive.

You write focusing on SEO

You need SEO strategies to make your blog visible on search engines. Writing however with SEO in mind will make your article lack a flow which and may even lead to keyword stuffing, which is penalized by search engines like Google.

You lack content

The reason your blog could be having little traffic is because you lack content. You won’t get any readership if your posts are either too short or copy pasted from other sites. You need to have original interesting articles if you want to build an audience for your blog.

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