Why You Can’t Miss These 5 Off Page Optimization Strategies While Building Your Online Reputation


When it comes to building your online presence, it takes more than a brand, a website, and some content. You need to use off-page SEO to enhance your brand’s identity. Off-page SEO includes content, links, and partnerships to tell help tell a complete story to the crawl bots that are visiting your site regularly. When you use off-page SEO effectively, you can get more traffic, better rankings, and build your brand’s reputation.

The main goal of off-page SEO is to build the positive interactions between your brand and audience and receive more links, word-of-mouth referrals, and positive feedback.

Some of the methods of off-page SEO are guest blogging, using influencers to promote your product, using press releases to get in the news cycle, and commenting on other busy blogs.

Why You Can't Miss These 5 Off Page Optimization Strategies While Building Your Online Reputation
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Best Off-Page SEO Methods

1. Insist on the best for your product or service. When Chef Gordon Ramsay goes into any kitchen, the first thing he inspects is the quality of the food. He knows there cannot be a good result if the ingredients are bad quality. When Marcus Lemonis of The Profit goes to evaluate a company, he knows the product must be great more than anything else. He says “People, Process, Product” are critical to any business success.

2. Customer Service Drives Reviews

It is not always the first thing you think of in terms of your business success. The focus is often on the product, sales, and repeat customers. However, the only way to get to repeat customers is to impress them over and over. There is a reason companies spend millions of dollars inspecting their customer services processes with secret shoppers, quality audits, and thorough follow-up of all customer reviews. Customer reviews equate to your overall reputation and should not be ignored.

3. Hire an Expert for Increased Traffic

While many people can get traffic to your website, there are only a select few who can bring targeted and purposeful traffic. Brad Russel, who is a top SEO expert in Perth, Australia, says “Too many SEO consultants and agencies make huge claims without having the experience, results, or evidence to back it up.” Find an SEO expert who can help you with keywords, content, and holistically growing the traffic to your website.

4. Interactive Social Media

How often have you posted something on your page, and not noticed responses until a few weeks later? Are all your posts just about selling your product? Are you paying attention to what your social media audience wants? Lack of monitoring your social media account can lead to pages that look more like ghost towns rather than active businesses. Don’t be afraid to answer posts like a real person. You don’t have to be all business, all the time. Be personable and ask your audience what they want. Above all, be helpful.

5. Become Friends with Influencers

This can be easier said than done, but influencers can help grow your brand quickly. Influencers are the people in your community (either in real life or online) who have tons of friends and website partners. See if you can create some content for the blog or website. Ask about exchanging posts on social media pages. Seek them out at events and find ways to get your brand on their mind.

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