Blogging Niches To Think About


The most enjoyable way to go about blogging is to write about your passions. Blogging will deepen your understanding of them and even open new opportunities to learn more about them.

Many people start a blog to share their experiences, highlight issues, entertain, teach internet users about a subject or market a business. Whatever your motivation is, you need to passionate about it. Passion will drive you when the traffic doesn’t much your efforts. For any blog to be successful, you need to consistently post interesting articles that captivate the reader’s attention and is something interesting that they can share with their friends.

Blogging Niches To Think About

There are many reasons to start a blog, but passion should be your driving force. If you are passionate about certain issues, then it’s time you started thinking about starting a blog to reach more people and rope them into discussions about these pertinent issues.


You don’t have to be necessarily a teacher or an educator to be passionate about education. Education is broader than the typical school set up. You can start a blog on education policies; commend what’sworking, criticize what’s not and provide suitable recommendations.

You can even keep up with the latest education trends from around the world and write about them on your blog. If you have experience in education policymaking or curriculum development, share this expertise with the rest of the world. Better yet, if you are a teacher, you can start a blog about your teaching experience and the challenges you face in your line of work.There is so much an education blog can deliver in content and quality.


Governance should not be confused with politics, although the two often cross paths at one point or the other. To start a governance blog, you need to research and master the common laws under which most state and federal governments operate. Blogging benefits you by sharpening your writing skills and how you articulate your thoughts.

You should passionate about governance issues, how laws are made and implemented, and how public institutions are run and managed.You can do comparative analyses of how other countries run their affairs and lobby for implementation of ideas you think could further streamline the governance structure.Since this is not a niche with so many bloggers, you need to master SEO or hire a content marketing company like your content shop to drive organic traffic to your blog.

Environmental issues

A blog is a good platform to start a conversation about particular issues. Environmental bloggers create public awareness about issues touching on the environment.

In an environment blog, you can write about energy saving tips, water conservation, draw attention to various environmental legislation. There a lot of topics to cover under an environment blog like wildlife conversation, biodiversity protection,and ecotourism.

DIY Blog

Granted, everyone has their own ways of doing even common tasks. You can show the rest of the world the simple ways you carry out DIY tasks to significantly ease how common tasks can be done. They should be legitimate since no one likes wasting their time trying something that is incomprehensible or even impossible. Give a step by step guide on how to go about it. Use simple language; avoid jargon.If you have a talent for craft work, teach people how to design and put things together like a pet house or children’s toys. You can use your blog to build your reputation which can open doors for revenue making.

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