3 Tips for Creating The Best Content In Your Industry


Now that every business also has a website, and every website also has a blog, it’s not enough to simply say that you’re committed to doing content marketing. If you want to see success in your online markets, you have to actually be fully committed to the world of content marketing. Not only that, but you have to know enough about the industry you’re in to feel confident that your efforts at content marketing are greater than your competitor’s efforts. If you’re able to do this, you will have the best content in your industry. To show you how you can accomplish this, here are three tips for creating the gold standard of content for your industry.

Expand Your Idea of “Content”

When you say the word “content”, many people instantaneously think of blogging or another form of text. While this is a big and important aspect of content, it by no means is the only thing you should be focused on when doing content marketing. According to an infographic shared by Erik Devaney of HubSpot, content that has some kind of interactive element achieves its goals two-times better than content that is merely static. This means that your company should be looking at new and better ways to incorporate other, more exciting aspects into your content creation plans, like video, graphics, animation and more.

Expand Your Idea of “Content”

Use Contextual Links

If you’re working in a very competitive market when it comes to the SERPs, you’re going to have to go above and beyond when it comes to content marketing if you want your results to show up on the first page. Luckily, Neil Patel shares that there are just two things you should be doing to accomplish this: create effective content and use contextual links. While creating effective content requires a myriad of tasks, contextual links that are effective to your purpose can be much easier to begin doing than you may have thought. And if you’re able to use the right contextual links within your written content, you could very well see your content outperforming your competitors.

Don’t Forget About Social Media

Social media is truly the catalyst for successful content marketing. Without effectively using social media in conjunction with your content marketing efforts, your personal content likely won’t get far. So to use social to your utmost advantage, Melissa Fach, a contributor to CopyPress.com, recommends learning the best ways to interact with your audience on various social platforms to building real relationships and rapport with them. These people can be your most valuable promoters, so don’t underestimate the time and attention you should be giving to social through your content marketing efforts.

To have the best content in your industry, you’ve got to stand out from the proverbial crowd. Use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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