2 Ways Video Content Marketing Can Boost Your SEO


Today, there are not many business practices that are more important than boosting your SEO. By not completing this all-important task, you’ll find your company website becoming more of a barren wasteland than a place where Internet traffic is constantly passing through.

2 Ways Video Content Marketing Can Boost Your SEO

How do you go about boosting your SEO and getting results from doing so when all of your direct competitors are doing it too, though? The answer is, you try new forms of marketing. To the point, you should give the hottest form of it a go, that being video content. There are many ways in which this marketing tactic can boost your SEO, and two of the most important of these ways can be found below.

Google likes video content

You are undertaking the task of boosting your SEO in order to get on Google’s good side, as doing that then sees you rise up in its rankings and make that illustrious first page when searches are conducted in your market. Today, there is no better way of impressing this search engine than to upload video content.

For starters, when you upload videos (alongside standard chunks of text and images), Google receives proof that you and your content are varied, and that is a great foundation to build from when seeking to impress the search engine. Also, as 80% of Internet traffic is projected to be represented by video over the coming year, Google is valuing this form of content now more than ever, which explains why it is so eager to rank sites that embrace it highly.

Videos boost brand

Although they aren’t explicitly linked, SEO and brand still have a very close relationship. Without a strong and receptive brand, and the audience that is subsequently drawn to it, you’re never going to be valued by search engines as no leads will be generated and no searches will be made of your business. So, in order to, in a roundabout way, boost your SEO, make sure you are boosting your brand.

The best way to do this is to ensure that you are embracing video content and embedding it into your marketing plans, as videos offer businesses the chance to portray their brand in the most authentic way possible. This can only be achieved by you, however, if each video that you upload does everything that you need it to do in the most professional looking way possible. In regards to the way it looks, you have to be aligning yourself with a video production agency, such as that found at working-beautifully.co.uk, if you want to stand any chance of your videos being anywhere near the aesthetic level that you need them to be at. Anything less, and you’ll do more harm to your brand than good.

It is important to remember that you’re going to have to do more than simply embed videos from YouTube onto your website, as well. As is the case with all types of content marketing, you have to invest a lot of time and effort into ensuring that all the videos that you do upload are of utmost relevance and of the highest quality.

Video content marketing can do wonders for your SEO, and make sure you remember that the next time you come to roll out an advertising campaign.

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