Why Keeping a Law Themed Blog is a Great Idea for Law School Hopefuls


There are various legal blogs that you can find on the web that are written by novices, and they reveal that the author has an astute mind. Over time, readers can usually see a marked change in reasoning and logic that relates to the author developing a better sense of the law. It is always a treat to find that one of these authors has gone from a regular, everyday person to being enrolled as a student. If you have hopes of becoming a lawyer one day, start comparing law school scholarships now and see if you are eligible for any. There are scholarships that focus on legal writing, so having a blog can be very helpful for putting together a stellar submission.

Why Keeping a Law Themed Blog is a Great Idea for Law School Hopefuls

Maintaining a Blog Shows Dedication

Blogs that have been online for years usually have a good collection of posts that cover a multitude of topics. Daily updates aren’t necessary, but thoughtful and well written entries are a must. If you can keep writing on your blog while working, taking classes, and eventually graduating law school, you will show that you are among a very selective and talented group. In addition, you can transition your casual blog into a professional legal website, which will be great for SEO purposes.

Putting Yourself Out There Demonstrates Confidence

Behind the scenes, the authors of blogs get a lot of comments – as well as hate mail. Making your legal opinions known on current events will open you up to both criticism and praise. In short, you have to be tenacious to put yourself out there repeatedly, even when you know that your writing may illicit some less than kind responses, especially the type that could come from more seasoned senior attorneys. Some blogs focus on local politics and gender issues, which are topics that often lead to heated discussions. As long as you voice your opinions eloquently and know how to take criticism well, you will be respected for making yourself somewhat vulnerable on the internet via a blog.

Future Readers Turn into Clients

It may be a long way off but the people who are coming to your legal blog and reading your posts may eventually want to retain your services. After reading your work for awhile, they will come to know your opinions as well as the way in which you approach problems. Whether your writing is controversial or humorous in nature, when you connect with someone via a blog, it is because there are commonalities that you share. Imagine getting accepted to law school, graduating, and already having some clients lined up. That would probably be every hopeful legal professional’s dream.

Unlike maintaining social network profiles, legally themed blogs can only help your chances of being accepted into law school. Keep things professional and you’ll eventually run into people in real life who follow your work. A legal blog can be the tool that you use to connect to your professors as easily as you relate to readers in the real world who do not have a legal background.

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