What Aspects Of A Blog Must Be Handled During Its Design To Promote Growth


There are more people than ever that are making a living or supplemental income off of a blog they are running. This does not mean that it is going to be easy to grow a blog as a few simple mistakes can stunt or stop growth completely. The most important aspect of growing a blog after its design is that of creating quality content that attracts new and repeat readers on a weekly basis. One piece of content going viral can help spur this growth but do not constantly create outrageous content with the hopes of it generating thousands of new readers. The following are tips for a person designing a blog that will help promote growth of the blog long term.

What Aspects Of A Blog Must Be Handled During Its Design To Promote Growth

About Me/The Site Section Needs To Be Engaging

The first page that many people flock to besides a catchy title on the homepage is the “About Me” section. This could be an outline of the people that work for the blog or an overview of what the blog will be covering. The bios of the main contributors being listed here can allow readers to feel like they better know who is producing the content. Leaving the social media accounts for these contributors can allow them to build up a follower count as well as engage with readers with answer or comments.

Easy To Find Contact Information

Contact information is important to have readily available especially if you desire to monetize the blog. The last thing that the owner of a blog wants is to miss out on a sponsored post opportunity due to not having contact information available. A phone number or email is enough but make sure that it is easy to find. A potential business partner might go to another site due to this error as they want an easy to navigate site to partner with.

Do Not Use Colors That Make It Difficult To Find Important Sections Of Site

The one thing that people do is try to express themselves with the colors of the blog rather than with the content. Colors that are hard to decipher can be a nightmare for those visiting on a laptop. For those on a mobile device this could make it unreadable. Make sure there is a mobile design available as mobile traffic is going to continue to grow over the traditional ways of a desktop computer being used to surf the internet.

Add A Bit Of Flair To Allow The Site To Stand Out From The Competition

Adding SVG animation to a blog whether it is a personal or business-related blog can help a site stand out from others. The ability to interact with bloggers is something many readers desire. Allowing people to email those people or contribute content that helps educate other readers can develop a sense of community. This sense of community can allow for readers to engage not only with the blog but also the other readers. Building this community can lead to huge financial opportunities through advertising as brands always want to advertise on blogs that have immensely loyal followers.

Designing and building the following of a blog is going to take consistent quality effort. Keep best practices in terms of SEO in mind when designing as well as this can impact search engine rankings in a large way.

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