Tips For An Ecommerce Business Getting Ready To Launch Their Website


The fact that the ecommerce industry is booming worldwide cannot be disputed. There are billions of dollars spent yearly in multiple countries with the worldwide number of ecommerce transactions amounting to the billions in 2015 alone. Sales numbers and money interchanged will be in the multi-trillions in the next couple of years. Launching one of these websites can be immensely profitable if done right combined with the correct infrastructure and scalable processes. Plenty of people fail while doing this by making the same mistakes over and over. The following are ways to get prepared to launch an ecommerce website.

Launch Late Rather Than With a Ton of Bugs

Nothing can discredit a new ecommerce website or auction website more quickly than having a ton of bugs. Things like screens freezing and orders not going through or double ordering can be a nightmare. It is better to launch a website a little late than to disappoint customers with the finished product. Ecommerce sites that specialize in selling niche products need to be especially careful. Forums for niche products are quick to discount any site that isn’t working properly as a scam or unreliable. The team at Sachs Marketing in Los Angeles  specializes in web development as well as web design to reduce these problems. Allow a company that has helped develop multiple sites take the project on as a flawless website is paramount in the ecommerce vertical.

Ecommerce Tips and Tricks

Make Checkout as Painless and Secure as Possible

The number of people who get frustrated before checking out of an online store is immense. People get upset if the checkout process is too long or does not save their information like other ecommerce stores. Stores like Amazon and eBay want purchases to go through before the second guessing of a purchase that many people have. This process although it should be simple and fast should also be as secure as possible. A small ecommerce website having a data breach can put the site out of business. Nobody wants to put their credit card information into a website that has been compromised. They would rather go to a larger competitor that can guarantee their information will be safe.

Find an Incredible Copywriter for Product Descriptions

Finding someone who can do great product descriptions can be difficult. A good writer might not always be a good sales copywriter or the best at descriptions. A good ecommerce copywriter has the ability to put quite a bit of information into a small word count. The attention span of many people shopping online is short so features of a product that make the product stand out should be within the first few lines. Failure to fill out a complete product description can lose a company thousands of dollars. A copywriter who skips out on an important feature when doing a description can eliminate an entire customer base that value that feature. A bonus would be if you can find a copywriter who has experience in your specific industry but this isn’t always possible.

Make Sure Your Mobile Site Isn’t Far Behind

The mobile side of ecommerce is advancing at a rapid pace. Many people want to be able to purchase what they want on their commute or during the work day. A mobile site or app is the perfect opportunity to give customers the ability to purchase products at any point in the day. Those ecommerce sites that are not mobile friendly are missing out on millions of potential customers. The mobile site or app should be as simple as possible because people tend to get a bit confused with too many icons or options.

The world of ecommerce can leave you rich financially and with the satisfaction of starting a successful business. Take care of these details before launching the site to help hedge your bet when it comes to success. Those too eager and willing to launch can make mistakes that a business might not recover from, avoid this at all costs!

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