Three Tips For Marketing Your Home


Whether you’re selling or renting, you need to make sure that you are marketing the home you have available in all of the best ways possible. That means more than just getting an ad in the local paper. The internet offers a great many means for advertising anything you have available for sale or for rent.

Look around and find out if there are any rental groups or ‘homes for sale’ groups locally through Facebook, post the place on your local Craig’s List, and make sure you are sharing these things across all the social media platforms that you use. Remember, though, it’s about more than just where you advertise.

Tips For Marketing Your Home

What Does Your Home Have To Offer?

Make sure you are letting them know exactly what the home has to offer them, and what you have to offer them. If you are renting out a place, make sure your website or ads explain what they’ll get by being your tenant. Can they pay rent online? Will you be available for 24-hour maintenance requests?

If you’re selling your home it’s even more important to share with people what it is that the home comes with. Will they get a wash and dryer in the purchase? Is the kitchen updated and does it have a dishwasher? When was the last time the roof or windows were replaced?

The more information you share with people right from the beginning the better chances you have of them contacting you with interest. A light ad that only reveals the amount of bedrooms and the rent cost may not get as many calls.

Why Should They Go Through You?

Explain, in your ads and on social media, why renting or buying from you is the best way to go. Maybe you’ve won real estate awards or you have a great page of testimonials from previous tenants on your website. Maybe you offer some things that others don’t, like a longer warranty or special amenities with the rental payment.

Include Photos

Make sure that your ad includes photos that let people see the place without actually needing to show up. When looking for a place to rent or buy, many people have their mind set on a certain look. You can prevent a lot of wasted tours by letting them see what they’re in for through ad photos.

Get photos of each room, and if it’s an apartment or townhouse having the blueprint visible is also useful. Make sure that you also get outdoor photos of homes for sale so people can get an idea of roof and yard conditions. It helps to get photos when there is no snow covering the roof, as well, even though you may not always have a choice in the matter.

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