Steam: What Else Besides Skins


Here you won’t find much info on how to download skins from Steam, but you’ll find a couple variants for making some extra money on the platform. Numerous steam games give people a chance to increase their income through the sale of their trading cards, steam items and cosmetics. Yes, these are all worthwhile enough to get you a little extra money every month.

Steam: What Else Besides Skins

  1. Start gettin iems

Okay, so the first way to do that is to hold a few totally awesome items which most players would love to get on with. Now the question is, how do these value-added steam goods can be obtained?

You can play games and pick up dropped items and trade cards but normally they are limited. As in Dota 2 there are regular drops of items which give you a stream of items at the same point; you need tonnes of luck to get the unique drops.

Second, you’ll have to screen the marketplace and wait for the price of an item to go down. This typically occurs when a wider player base causes drops to increase in size.
You can also earn some quick cash via trading. Let’s say you’ve struck the jackpot and found a priceless item in Dota 2. And then this complete stranger comes to you, offering to pay ten keys. A wise gamer would double check the market prices of the items on both sides, and then make an agreement.

  1. Sell on a higher price at the right moment

As the genetic rule goes, the rarer an item is on the market the more pricey it is. You can easily charge a hundred dollars per piece, and more!

It is all about the timing. There are two circumstances in which “ordinary” products may sell at a premium price:

The first one- a game was just starting its system of trading cards. First cards on the following days sell for a lot more than cash.

Secondly-More valuable are the cards or items which are no longer available.

If you are searching for summer trading cards, you will experience this happening in the  Community Market  even now. Noticeably, summer sale foil cards can again be seen rising in price.

  1.  Save Up Your Trading Cards

They ‘re usually worth a couple of pennies each but you can usually get 2-3 per game. And if you are Very LUCKY you can receive a card worth a few bucks. There’s no particular pattern you can practice to make sure you get the best cards for the game.

In the long run, however, there are other rules that help out. Going through them is the groundwork for you to get them first.

It would seem that after the first 15 minutes of gameplay, you’ll be getting your first card. After 2 hours of gameplay the second card will then drop. The best way to obtain the cards is not to think about it. Just enjoy playing the games you have and as time goes by your collection of trading cards will go up.

  1. Hold Onto Pre-release Items

Developers will sometimes drop exclusive pre-order or early access cassettes or items. If they can be sold on the Steam market, you might want to hold onto those items. Those items can often end up worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars after the game is released in full. One great example of this would be the Player unknown cosmetic set that was given to all pre-ordered players. The game cost just $30 and the set came with it for free at the time. Currently, the cosmetic set sells for $1,400 on Steam.


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