Some Web Designing Mistakes You Might Be Doing


If you are running a website then see some of the mistakes you might be doing. Make sure that your site is user friendly, giving you stronghold on Google. As a blog or business site like, there are some practices you need to do in order to get enough from your website. Below mention are some mistakes that you might be doing if you have a blog or business site.

Flash site

If your site is based on flash player then you may not be able to reach some audience. Flash sites are good for computer users, but for mobile users, it’s not good enough. Make the design in a way that it’s suited for any type of user.

Information is missing

web-design-mistakesAdd contact information so that people who want to invest in your site can reach you. Also, add comment section to know how people see your site. If your website is a business blog then Privacy, Contact, and about us is one of the most essential information you should have. Add to bookmark the site. If people can bookmark it then your site will be accessed again and again.

Template mistake

There is a difference between how you see the template, and how it will look on your site. Don’t compromise on quality, make sure the template is responsive and doesn’t cause loading problem. If you are planning to run a template for long time then it’s better to have a premium template for the site. Example

Mobile and tablet responsive

There is a great percentage of users who use mobile and tablets to access website, so make it responsive enough to cover mobile and tablet users. If you are planning to run your business blog, forex trade, or marketing site for long time then making it responsive will help you a lot.

Your main page and web design

If you have put a video on your main page, you are making a mistake. A video might not work for many users so it’s better to have a responsive page that everyone can access. Take time and research to see how top 10 pages are on your keyword. Check how people have designed their website and come up with a unique design of your own. Pop-up is one of the most annoying thing to have so avoid use of these as well, even if you are using it, clearly visualize cancel button.

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