Mobile App For Cleaning Business


Some of us hate cleaning, others just don’t have time for it. Whatever the reason, many of us would prefer if the cleaning was made for them fast and efficient. Some would hire maids for that, others prefer cleaning robots.

Mobile App For Cleaning Business

Mobile App For Cleaning Business

Some of us hate cleaning, others just don’t have time for it. Whatever the reason, many of us would prefer if the cleaning was made for them fast and efficient. Some would hire maids for that, others prefer cleaning robots. Those who go with human assistance often face a problem of finding good professionals for a reasonable price. They turn to their friends, or colleagues for recommendations. But what if there was an easier option? Well, there is one, – mobile applications for house cleaning.
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How these applications can be useful

Most of these applications are a booking platform to order cleaners for your house. You are able to book specific services for a specific time. The maids will then arrive at a defined time and do the job. You get billed for the service within the app. This way you get highly-skilled professionals to clean your house without too much of a hassle.
There are applications which allow clients to look for cleaning help in their area for more convenience. You can choose the kind of service you wish to get, the cleaning supply to be used. Also, the time and special instructions can be arranged. This creates an easy workflow between the companies and their customers. This is a perfect solution for those who need cleaning on occasions, rather than a full-time helper.

How To Make a Cleaning Mobile App?

Before you start your application development, you need to decide which features are going to be included in it. This will affect the development process, cost, and the timeline. You can make a list of options you want to include. Nevertheless, there are some essentials which will be required.

  • First of all, you need to decide if you are creating a platform for individuals and companies to provide their services, or for your own cleaning company. The platform format allows you to concentrate on the features required for booking. However, as an owner of the mobile app for cleaning services, you will need to think of a way to protect yourself from fraud. Both from customers and people suggesting their services. If you are building an application for your own business, you will take full responsibility for all your employees’ actions.
  • Now, you can think about what your customers might need within the app. Some essential features have to be present by default. That includes billing and booking forms. The booking form can include options like the choice of the area, supplies, space which needs cleaning, the date, and any other details.
  • If you decide to go with a platform for companies and individuals, you will definitely need to think about how to make a database. Or, alternatively, how to engage people in using your app. Both: on-demand cleaners and customers.
  • Another important point is the payment methods. Most mobile apps for house cleaning business accept credit cards and PayPal. You will need to provide a secure payment to your customers to ensure the operations.
  • Find a development team to help you create your app. You can invest in both web and mobile applications if you decide so. This way you will get a bigger coverage of public. A knowledgeable development team will be able to advise on that and provide full support during the development. At the moment, software development for cleaning services industry doesn’t have its personal niche. This gives you an opportunity to choose from a broad pool of professionals.

The Success Story of JoyClean

JoyClean is an application developed for cleaning business. It provides customers with a possibility to book helpers for cleaning their house, office, or any other area required. The app is a platform for various companies within the sphere. And it has some quite cool options.

  • The option for cleaners allows them to register within the system. In the application, they can describe their services and set pricing per hour. They can also state their location and add information regarding discounts provided for first-time users.
  • The app is available for Android and iOS, as well as on a dedicated website. This gives an opportunity to anyone interested to make a booking.
  • There is a review system included. It checks both customers and workers to ensure the quality of the service provided and the validity of orders.
  • If something goes wrong, the property damage insurance is available for an impressive amount of up to $1million. This way customers are warranted and their household is fully covered.
  • The messenger within the application allows customers and workers to communicate directly in case of any questions or issues.
  • To build an app for booking house cleaning, a team of professionals spent quite some time researching the market and distinguishing what the customer would like to have.
  • There is an appointment scheduler available to book the service. You can choose a convenient date and time.
  • The payment can be made right during the order placement or later. How much you pay depends solely on the provider of the service. But, the estimates go from about $65 for 2 hours light cleaning to over $200 for deep cleaning of big apartments.
  • The type of service can be chosen at the beginning of the order. It can be adjusted with every new one. So, if this weekend you just need a slight refreshment but next one you’re expecting a big party, the app’s got your back.
  • Geolocation will help you find the best match in your area. At the beginning of the process, the customer enters their zip code. This way, the app can match them with the professionals close by.
  • The UI of the application is clear and easy. It has only the most required options and is not overloaded with unnecessary information. This makes the booking process quick and practical.


If you are looking to make a mobile app for house cleaning business, there are a few things to consider. As you are performing the role of a middleman, you will need quite a lot of information gathered before you start. But, if you feel like your service can help your customers and solve some of their problems, it’s worth trying. Some of the applications created in the service field, for example, Uber, bring a lot of benefits to users. This makes up for another great reason to use and build applications for various fields.

As a user, on the other hand, you receive a good and secured service through using apps created by professionals. You don’t have to worry about issues which might occur, as you get a warranty from the developer company. This way, you can go about your business, have more free time, without doing things you don’t like. Either way, this looks like a win-win situation.

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