How To Be the Master of Remote Dealmaking


No matter what industry or sector your business is in, including online marketing and web design, it’s essential that you be able to make a deal. Every day there is often the need for a deal to be closed, even if you don’t realize that’s what you’re doing. Perhaps it’s a deal with a new employer over their salary, or maybe it’s a B2B deal that you’re negotiating to sell your services.

As if dealmaking didn’t already present enough challenges, increasingly these deals are being done remotely, particularly in the digital and technology industries.

Many more employees are working remotely, and deals are being done where the parties involved never actually meet in person. So what are the differences in deal making done remotely and how can you be a master of the virtual deal? Below are some simple tips.

Try to Avoid Email When Possible

Email can be tough in any business situation because it can be so hard to gauge tone and intention when you’re communicating this way. While emails can be fine for exchanging information or brief questions, when it’s time to make a deal, for example, closing a contract with a new web design client, try to use a tool like Skype.

Using a video chat tool makes it much easier to accurately determine what the other person is thinking or feeling, and it can make for a much smoother and more successful process.

Remember Body Language

When you’re making deals remotely via video, you can’t forget the standard rules of body language that are so important in business.

You don’t want to be slumped over your computer as if you aren’t engaged, busy doing something else while you’re talking, or too aggressive.

Act as you would if you were making a deal in a boardroom, regardless of the actual mode of communication you’re using.

Also, you should look professional before a video call. It can be tempting to answer wearing a t-shirt, but if you wouldn’t wear that to meet in person, don’t wear it for your video chat.

Get Familiar with Screen Sharing

Let’s say you own a web design firm, and you’re hoping to land a new client. You want to be able to show them your work throughout your video call,  just as you would at an in-person meeting.

That’s when screen sharing comes into play.

Become an expert at screen sharing, and make sure you’re completely ready to walk your client through everything just as if they’re in the room with you.

Confirm in Writing

As a final note, while you may not be able to shake on your remote deal, it’s a good idea to follow up after a call with an emailed confirmation covering the points you talked about and hopefully agreed on during your remote video meeting. This will allow you to clear up any confusion and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Closing a deal remotely is very much like doing it in-person, and while there may be a few more challenges in terms of effective communication, being prepared and professional are essential, just as they are in any traditional business environment.

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