How to Leverage SEO in Social Media


To improve organic search rankings, it is important to leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods in social media posts. How can social media platforms be used to improve rankings? By using keywords in your social media posts that are chosen for their relevancy to your business or organization, you can build up your rankings on search engines and increase traffic. Below are some examples of how different types of social media can be used to leverage your SEO.

Find Some Targets and Optimize Relevancy

What are the most relevant terms your intended audience is using about your subject or product? Finding keywords to use on a social media platform involves studying consumer trends and word popularity to see which words have the biggest impact. To successfully chose keywords, some research needs to be conducted about search word popularity and trends. Expect to update your approach frequently as part of a vital and ongoing marketing effort.

How to Leverage SEO in Social Media

Also inherent in some keywords is a hint at motivation for the internet user to make the search. Just a couple of reasons for searching to be to find a deal on a product or research a medical condition. Analyzing motivation can lead to even more relevant keywords.

Twitter and Facebook are two major social media platforms that have flexibility to be used by individuals, businesses, and non-profits. There are other trending social media platforms that are trending that can also give you an SEO boost. Each platform has their own unique strengths that make them applicable to a variety of brands.

Increase Engagement and Brand Awareness With Instagram

The clean and classic design of the Instagram platform allows users and followers to easily post and view photographic content. Adding to the fun is the abundance of filters and unique effects that you can try out on your photos. This enables branding all your photos with your own signature look. Picture captions with targeted keyword hashtags add the SEO touch.

When thinking about taking your brand on Instagram, put some thought into how you want to visually represent your brand. True to its social nature, this platform’s enthusiasts do not want to see your official corporate side. To make your pictures truly pop and resonate with your audience, they need to look natural and not like an advertisement. The food company Hampton Creek has been successful with this endeavor, posting engaging pictures of their staff enacting a camping spoof or jumping into a pool. Along the way, they also share vibrant food pictures that feature their ingredients in the recipe. Instagram allows you can link to Twitter and Facebook so that you can grow your following organically through multiple social channels.

Customer Curation Goes Social With Pinterest

Many people feel like they can get “sucked in” by the Pandora’s Box that is Pinterest. This social site is where attraction to a brand and their offerings becomes involvement. Again, hashtagged keywords are essential to use in captions for full SEO impact. Users search keywords for pictures that they save by pinning them to virtual themed tack boards. Users can follow other users’ boards or pin their pictures on their own personalized boards for an immersive social experience.

Boost Your Website’s Content With Quora

If you have a website with a lot of content that does not get the traffic it should, Quora may be the SEO building platform for you. Quora’s open community forum engages individuals to ask questions and comment on answers. Quora users can personalize their news feed to topics and issues they are interested in. In turn, they can also post questions and answers for all to see. The result is a collaborative sight that offers insightful content.

When building your brand’s presence on Quora, follow issues that relate to your brand and the larger industry it is in. Also, monitor your feed to answer questions that you are an authority on. The questions asked can also be an inspiration for writing new content for your site.

For any brand engagement on social media, it is good to follow a few rules of online etiquette. Consistently participate on the platforms but do not bombard followers with too many posts and pictures. Moderation is key with message frequency. When the public comments on your messages or asks a question, be sure to respond back. This will show your followers that your brand is responsive and wants to be involved in a two-way conversation.

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