Integrating Video Into Your Website


According to Cisco, video makes up over 64% of all internet traffic and is forecast to grow to 80% by 2019. Spending on video advertising is anticipated to climb towards $10 billion in 2017.

Integrating Video Into Your Website

Also, 12 percent of small business websites areincluding video in their website, a 71 percent increase from 2 years ago. These factors indicate the rising power of video marketing in the online community. Increasingly, whether or not you incorporate video into your website will be less of an option. The question is: How will you incorporate video in your website?

Why You Should Use Video

Making videos and posting them has become fairly commonplace. The phone camera and ease of self production have made it possible for the amateur to create, edit, and post their video for next to nothing. Online social media, Youtube in particular, has made it possible for the video to be available as a link, to facilitate the storage and ease of viewing.

When you use video as part of your online marketing, it gives your viewer an active view of the product that is being marketed. It allows you to tell a more complete and concise story at a greater pace. If you are in a visual market, the power of looking at a product in greater dimension is vital.

Optimize Your Video

Optimization, or the process of making your video as effective a marketing tool as possible, is critical. Keys to reaching the core customer are:

  • The title matters. Just like a great newspaper headline draws in a reader, a great title grabs the customer’s attention. The title also provides appropriate keywords to facilitate the video showing up in keyword searches.
  • Excellent content. What does the viewer want to see? Is it a “how-to” or is it the product in action? Put effort into the visual quality of your content. Keep your content as short as possible; we are in a short attention span world, so under four minutes is recommended.
  • Include your URL. All the quality in the world means nothing if the customer doesn’t have anywhere to go. Make it easy for them to find you.
  • Display your brand. Prominently featuring your branding is a great way to put your business on the customer’s mind.
  • Include your HTML link. Include this in the video description

Be Creative

Do what you do best, just show it in short, simple, creative ways. Customers are looking for something you have. Show yourself and your product in the best way possible. Educate your customer. Answer potential questions as you go. Talk about the products you are using. Dispel false information, and then let them come to the conclusion that they need what you have.

Video embedded in your website allows people the opportunity to personally connect and have a greater understanding of your product or service. So take out that iPhone, and ready, set, action!

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