Increasing Conversion Rates With Social Media


Social media can so easily be used to increase conversion rates these days. In fact, this is something that is necessary in order to be successful in modern business. We see the SEO agencies serving clients better and all this is because of an integrated content marketing approach. That approach does include using social media marketing in order to increase site conversion rates.

How can social media increase conversion rates? There are so many strategies that can be effective. Here are some you want to take into account right now.

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Using Social Logins

The social login will allow the user to sign up and then log into an account on a list, service, app or website as opposed to having to create a brand new account. Social login has so many huge advantages as it will drastically increase conversion rates. The fact that a new account does not need to be created is very attractive for the users. One of the main reasons why it works is that the users are already logged into their social network accounts so with just one click they can also be connected to your website.

Using Social Checkout

A big problem with ecommerce sites is the cart abandonment rate. Social login will create the account and can also improve the conversion’s tail end. It can actually be a huge part of the entire process. When you offer the social checkout option, shopping cart abandonment will automatically be reduced. That is because the checkout process is basically simplified.  The easier it is for the conversion to happen, the higher the possibility it will actually happen!

Using Easy Sharing To Encourage Social Proof

Nowadays, most people look on social media for information about the products or services they are interested in buying. This is where social proof steps in. Creating social proof can be complicated if it is difficult for the user to share. With this in mind, a highly effective strategy is to make it very easy for the user to share content. The happy customers will surely want to let others know about the great experience they had. However, in many cases there is no share option available after satisfaction happened. This means that at a later point in time the share won’t happen. Easy sharing is necessary to encourage the natural creation of social proof in the modern social media world.

If customers can share the purchase with the social networks that they already have, trust is improved and the audience is practically expanded. Keep everything as simple as possible with the use of pre-filling social sharing. If you can make the share possible with just a click, social proof is bound to appear.


These are just some of the many different strategies that can be used. Explore and find new ways to increase conversion rates with the use of social media. You will definitely figure out that there is a world of opportunities available. Have patience and always explore, test and take the feedback of the visitors into account.

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