What to Include in Your Business Website


Each business is unique, offering different services and products, and their web sites should reflect what makes them stand apart, but should also include a few common elements that have been proven to help the users navigate the site easily.

What to Include in Your Business Website

Here are a few tips for creating the perfect website.

Simplicity and Space

Creating a webpage with every bit of information crammed onto one page will feel very overwhelming to the viewer, as will having too many busy graphics on one page. When creating your webpage, create consistency in spacing, and allow spacing to create a focal point as well.

Start with key elements of a website, and build around them. Remember to give the page adequate space for the user to feel drawn towards what’s really important about your web page. By giving each page adequate space, your user will feel less intimidated by the information provided and will be more likely to take their time reading and viewing the important aspects that you have included.

Information About your Business

It is imperative that your website includes information on how the viewer can contact your business. A great way to incorporate this information is to create a “contact” section in your navigation panel. Often times, consumers use the Internet to look for businesses in order to find contact information, and if they’re unable to find yours, they’re likely to move on to the next company website that offers similar products or services.

Including a page about your company, and the products or services you provide is also important. Keep this page simple, and straight to the point, but be as informative as possible. You may use this page to connect with your readers, and go over the company goals and philosophies. If possible, try to include a few client testimonials on this page, so that your viewers are able to substantiate your claims of being the best froyo in town, or the most caring veterinarian around.

Gather Meaningful Data and Information

What better way is there to improve your business than to gather data about your customer base? Gather the information about how your customers came to your site (whether it was from a search engine, or directly typing in your web address), which pages on your site were used most frequently, and the types of people visiting your site.

Including an incentive for customers to give you their information is a great way to keep customers engaged and market your business. Offering an SMS service that sends out occasional text message updates on promotions, coupons, and pictures is a great way to keep customers involved and engaged. Create a “contact us’”page for customers to enter their information and leave reviews, suggestions, questions, and feedback.

Having a strong online presence is more important now than ever, and by following these simple steps you’ll be on your way to creating a captivating, interesting, and easy to follow website for your customers.

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