How Web Design Companies Can Manage the Security Risks of BYOD


Allowing employees to bring their own devices to work is getting more and more common, especially among tech startups and design companies. If you run a team of web designers like in the web design agency Toronto company, it can make life much easier for everybody if your employees have the option to bring their own devices that they are used to into the office to work from. Every designer is different and some might prefer working on one device over another, so a BYOD option ensures that everybody is in with the same chance of being productive and comfortable at work. However, BYOD can also have some serious security risks. What can you do to keep these low?

How Web Design Companies Can Manage the Security Risks of BYOD

Outsource IT

Chances are that if you’re running some type of tech or web design company, you’ve got at least a few people who know what they are doing with technology and computers. But, don’t let this fool you into thinking that there is no need to invest in professional IT services for your business. Outsourcing to a professional IT support company such as Integrated Computer Services will take the pressure off your team when it comes to cybersecurity, give you access to experts who specialize in this field, and help you ensure that your BYOD scheme is as secure as possible.

Using Antivirus and Other Security Software

Employees who connect to your workplace network with their own personal devices could be putting your company at a higher risk than you might realize. Because of this, if you are going to allow your web design employees to bring their own devices to work, it’s important to set firm rules about the use of antivirus software and firewalls. Ideally, nobody should be permitted to work from their personal device in your company until they have installed approved security software and their device has been fully scanned.

Strong Passwords and Avoiding Theft

Along with using their own devices for design work, if your employees often store data about clients or the company on their devices, you should put together a strict policy regarding passwords and theft avoidance. Since your employees use their personal devices, you have no way of knowing what they do with them outside of work, so the best way that you can protect against data falling into the wrong hands outside of work hours is to ensure that all employees follow rules regarding strong passwords to get into their devices that are changed on a regular basis.

Education and Training

Finally, human error and ignorance of the risks is often one of the biggest causes of cyber breaches. Employees who use their own devices for work should be regularly updated when it comes to looking out for potential attack attempts, such as how to spot the latest techniques and tactics used in phishing attacks. Since your employees use their personal devices, they should be switched on to the risk any time that they are using their device either at work or at home.

A BYOD policy can be a great way to boost motivation and productivity in a team of web designers, but it’s important to be aware of the risks and have strong policies in place to manage them.

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