How to Design a Website With Your Customer in Mind


Your website is your digital headquarters, and your flagship store all rolled into one. For your customers, it might the be only place that they can visit you, and regardless of whether you want readers, customers, or clients, the goal will remain the same. You want them to like your website, find it valuable to them, and you want your website to be easy and straightforward to use. What’s different here is that instead of simply focusing on the aesthetic, for instance, you need to also consider who your customer is and what you can offer them so that they will keep returning to your brand again and again. Follow this guide, and you too can design a website with your customers in mind.

How to Design a Website With Your Customer in Mind

Know Your Demographic Inside and Out

The first step to creating a website with your customer in mind is to know who your ideal customer is. Knowing your demographic by stats is one thing, but really getting to know them, their cultural values, their beliefs, and even how they communicate is another. Most businesses, of course, won’t have one very specific demographic, but a wider demographic, and that is okay. Use video market research to get to know who you are catering to on a personal level so that you can design something that appeals to all of your customers.

Know What Narrative You Want to Say

Once you know who your demographic is, it’s time to know how you can frame your business to better appeal to them. In practice, this will often come in the form of a narrative. Create a story that you will use to engage with your customers, and determine how that narrative can be translated into design. This will affect what images you chose, what color scheme you opt for, and so on. The clearer your story, the more effective your marketing will be and what content you offer.

Designing Your Website’s Content with Your Users in Mind

It is also important to remember that your website is more than the front page. Yes, a great front page is critical to lower your bounce rate and to convert clicks into new sign-ups or sales, but if you really want to ensure that those users return to your site, again and again, you have to offer them something more. That something will come in the form of new content. This could mean publishing new products every week, similarly to how the top fashion businesses do, or it could mean offering new content in the form of articles, videos, and images. Knowing your demographic will help you curate content that will appeal directly to them. Creating a good strategy might be a complex task, depending on the niche that your business is in. Before you start working on it, having a conversation with an affordable NYC website design company can have a big impact on the success of your strategy.

Aim to be as User-Friendly as Possible

Above all else, of course, you need to ensure that your website is user-friendly. Your users should never feel frustrated using your website. Similarly, you will want to ensure that it is easy to find through search engines. Audit your website’s SEO regularly to ensure that your website is easy to find online no matter where your users search. Done right, you can even experience a greater influx of organic traffic.

Your website is your flagship store, and as such it must offer a unique and pleasant experience to your customer so that they have the incentive to return again and again. The more often they return, they more likely they will provide repeat business.

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