Google Seller Ratings – Are they the next SEO thing?


Many of us know that Google Seller Ratings are important for page ranking and are part of the SEO services. But what is this all about is what we will look in detail here. This is actually an extension of the Google Adwords and takes customer reviews Google Trusted stores, Google Consumer surveys and from some reputed third party review sites. If it was the retailers who used the AdWords star ratings till recently, now everyone knows the benefit of being available online and for accomplishing brand recognition. When you search for a particular brand or service on the internet using a search engine, among the various results you may have noticed the star rated brands and a couple of customer reviews being displayed along with the brands. Google attaches these review ratings automatically to the ads when it finds that a particular brand is getting a lot of genuinely positive customer reviews. These are very helpful for the sellers as the ratings are also displayed along with their Google ads. While the ads make them visible to a vast global audience, the Google seller reviews make them more authentic.

Google Seller Ratings - Are they the next SEO thing

How to leverage from Google Seller Reviews?

If you are wondering how to get Google ratings appear in your Google Ads, it can be done free of cost with Google consumer Surveys. Apparently, most of the non-e-commerce organizations online are benefitted with these free online surveys known as the Web Satisfaction Survey. But is that all you need to do? No! Though earlier, the reviews were completely controlled by Google, now they have licensed it to some of the reputed 3rd party websites who deal in reviews. The Google authorized review companies to get reviews for your products and services or your brand through surveys and campaigns and the sum total of those reviews will be displayed along with your Google Ad and other search engine ads too. Now your next step is to find out the Google-authorized review sites that can help you out with the authentic reviews. All you need is 30+ unique reviews within 12 months and within a month or so of exceeding this many reviews, your search engine ads will start showing the seller ratings also along with the ads.

Do they really affect your web traffic?

Google Seller Ratings considerably affects the web traffic. Surveys show that the sellers with star reviews got considerably lot more clicks than without them which reduced their CPC also. The best way to try is to find a good review site and enter into a monthly contract with them initially. Check the progress for a few months initially and if they seem to be increasing your web traffic, enter an annual contract with them.

What about the other Google Ad extensions?

There are a whole lot of extensions available with Google Adwords most of which are yet to be rolled out officially. You can choose multiple extensions from ones that are available. Which ones to choose depends on your keywords, content, industry, location and whether you are looking for only online or offline sales too etc. Google has these extensions available right now – Review Extensions, Sitelink Extensions, Social Annotations, Consumer Ratings Annotations, Call Extensions, Location Extensions, and App Extensions. The review extensions let you choose the exact review phrase you want to highlight in the ad. Using the sitelink extensions, you can add up to 6 exact pages where your customer can go directly to shop or to check the details. Social Annotations work only for users with an active Google+ profile with more than 100 followers. If you have an active, Google+ page, you just have to link the URL to with your actual website. Consumer Ratings Annotations displays the ratings as per the Google consumer Survey. Call extensions let you set up your phone number along with your ad listing. Location extension is important only if you have a physical store or are looking for direct interaction with your customers and they let you place your address on the Google map. The App extensions let you place a link from where your customer can directly download your mobile app.

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