EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard Free 11.0 version


Probably,everyone even once has faced with the problem of data recovery. Now this trouble is in the past. Updated EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard version 11.0 is now available on the market. New useful features and modified capacities make the process faster and better.

The software supports multiple platforms and OS versions:

  • Windows,
  • Mac OS,
  • iOS,
  • Android.

Three editions of Data Recovery Wizard are available: Free version, Pro and Pro + WinPE. It is rather difficult to find qualitative file recovery software US has made this possible. The whole set of product is multilingual – they support English, French, Dutch, Chinese (both Tradition and Simplified), Swedish, Russian, Polish, Norwegian and may more.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard is cross-platform. The software supports different devices: laptops and PCs, micro cards, music players of various types, external disks, camcorders, USB, mobile devices of various kinds, zip and pen drives, RAID, digital cameras, iPod, SSD and many others.

Wizard Free version had the following feature:

  • The amount of data for recovering equals 2 GB.
  • The option of recovering the formatted, removed and inaccessible data is now available.
  • It is possible to recover the data of different types, including images, video files, archives, audio files, word documents, etc.
  • The data can be recovered to various devices: storage media, servers, digital devices, laptop, PS. Besides that, it is possible to restore the information lost from such hard drives as USB, SSD, HDD, and so on.
  • The feature of lost partition recovery was improved. Now it is possible to recover data from lost, free data recovery software hidden, deleted and raw partition.
  • By scanning storage device at a deep level, the lost files can be retrieved.

Even earlier, the software had rather high capacities and functionalities. But now new version 11.0 of EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard Free provides better user experience. A lot has been changed:

  1. With the help of new modified use interface, it is easier to manage the process of data recovery. The software interface has become more users friendly.
  2. The procedure of scanning is more effective and efficient. Now the scanning will take less time and bring more lost data.
  3. For user’s convenience, the function of filtering the files was optimized.
  4. Now the software supports two more languages – Turkish and Arabic.

The procedure of recovery the lost data can be demonstrated in three simple steps:

1)      Detect and point the actual location where the data was lost.

2)      Start either quick or deep scanning. It is possible to make a pause in scanning and analyze the results. Besides that, the option of exporting or importing the results of scanning can be very useful.

3)      With the help of filter, it is easier to find the required data among the scanned results. Before actual retrieving, the user can preview the document or any other lost file.

The whole procedure takes not much time. And in few clicks, the lost files will be recovered. And all that is possible with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard Free 11.0version.

Besides that, the software is supported with detailed and easy-to-comprehend documentation. So the procedure of will be performed without any troubles and difficulties.

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