Development of Web Services


In short, a web service is a website that is equipped with additional software: for example, an online ordering system, various calculators, photo and video viewers, SMS billing, etc. In other words, this is a site that offers visitors not only familiarization with information, but also special functions.

Development of Web Services

Web service provides the most extensive opportunities for attracting customers on the Internet and, in addition, it itself can serve as the basis for the development of your business. It is able to correspond to any subject and field of activity of the company from ordering a taxi to conduct online seminars. Many companies today come to the need to use web services, since simpler solutions no longer meet the needs of their advertising policy.

At the same time from a technical point of view a service is one of the most complex types of Internet resources. In order to maximize financial return it requires high-quality and professional development. And TRIARE company provides it.

Our advantages

TRIARE company offers many advantages to our clients:

  • a professional and well-coordinated team, capable of carrying out all the types of work with quality and on time;
  • support of projects from concept development and design to the provision of a fully working website at the customer’s disposal;
  • selection and installation of the necessary technical solutions;
  • flexible pricing policy that takes into account the specific of any budget.

Our approaches

  1. TRIARE uses a variety of modern programs for mobile application development.
  2. In our independent development of solutions we use the principles of cross-platform, which provide the application with the ability to function on different devices.
  3. Our applications are tailored to the features of each client’s business.
  4. TRIARE develops cost-effective and high-performance web and corporate portals by CMS.
  5. We offer e-commerce solutions that almost completely automate your business.
  6. We are modernizing Internet resources using open source codes.
  7. Our company uses SaaS and reusable components for startups.
  8. We can support not only our own applications, but also those products that have been developed by outside developers.
  9. The information architecture of our web design solutions is compact and flexible.
  10. Our support and assistance does not stop after the development you need.

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