Designing for the Future: How to Create a Timeless Web Design


One of the biggest challenges when designing a website is creating a style that lasts. We’ve already covered some interesting web design trends that will be big in 2018. However, the latest trends aren’t to be followed without proper planning.

The problem with blindly following the latest trends is that you will end up with a design that looks outdated after a year. With careful planning and the tips and tricks we are going to discuss in this article, however, you can solve that problem once and for all.

Consistent Branding First

Instead of focusing on the latest trends, it is always best to design for the purpose of branding first. You can then add trendy elements – such as the popular Material Design shadow we now see so often – without changing the key design language of the site itself.

Branding-first approach will help the site be more consistent over a longer period of time. Web design trends come and go, but the brand – the soul of the site – remains the same. Besides, it is easier to make small changes and incremental updates to the site when there is a clear branding.

Update for UX

User experience (UX) is becoming a major factor in web design and development. Even search engines now consider UX as an important metric to track when ranking websites. Another great thing about designing for good UX is that you always end up with a web that the users love.

Instead of updating the site to merely follow the latest trends, incorporate updates that will also improve user experience across the board. The minimalistic cards, for example, are actually useful for delivering the site’s content in a clear and concise way.

Take Advantage of New Technologies

The technologies behind today’s websites continue to change. You can now use LESS and SCSS to create websites in a more efficient way; updating websites that use these technologies is also so much easier.

Those who are pursuing their BSIS degree online from reputable universities such as UAB Collat School of Business are learning these new technologies thanks to the updated curriculum. Online bachelors in information systems programs are more up-to-date indeed.

For the rest of us already in the field, short courses are the way to go. Besides, there are plenty of resources, guides, and tutorials that can help you stay ahead of new technologies.

Don’t Forget the King

We all know that content is king. When designing a website, you must also put content delivery as a priority. This means improving readability, making sure content gets loaded quickly, and paying close attention to elements that can enhance the user experience when consuming the site’s contents.

A site designed to deliver content effectively will never look outdated. On top of that, you already work towards delivering the best user experience, using the latest technologies to do that, and maintaining consistent branding across the site. All of these things will help you design a website that is timeless and functional, even after several years.

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